Survivor io Clan Guide

This is a complete guide to clans In Survivor io. Clans are a fresh addition to the game. They let you group up with 19 other players so you can play together.

With your clan friends, you can go shopping for cool things, help each other out in tricky fights, and share the rewards when the whole gang does something awesome.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • How you can join a clan
  • How you can start your clan
  • Responsibilities of being a clan leader
  • And lots more

Let’s dive In.

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Joining A Clan: Options And Considerations

Joining a clan in Survivor io is like choosing your gaming companions, it’s a key decision that can shape your entire adventure.

However, there are three main ways you can jump into clan life. The first option is auto-joining. This is like letting the game be your matchmaker.

The system randomly assigns you to a clan, taking the pressure off you to choose. It’s a great option if you just want to enjoy the bonuses of being in a clan without you deciding.

Sometimes it turns out to be a perfect match, and other times, it’s just a casual hangout. Either way, you get to experience the benefits of clan life without the stress of choosing.

Also, if you’ve got a specific clan in mind, manual search is the way to go. You have the freedom to browse through existing clans, checking out their vibes, playstyles, and maybe even their clan name.

This option is perfect if you’ve heard about a clan that fits your style or if you have friends already in a particular clan. It’s a bit more hands-on, but the advantage is that you get to be part of a group that aligns with your preferences.

Now, if you’re the adventurous type and like surprises, the random joining option is for you. The game will toss you into a clan without you actively choosing.

It’s a middle ground between auto-joining and manual search which offers automaticity without the total randomness of auto-joining. It’s a good choice if you’re open to new experiences and want a touch of unpredictability in your clan life.

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Starting Your Clan: Cost And Benefits

Starting your clan in Survivor io comes with its set of costs and benefits which add a layer of strategy to your gaming experience.

While joining someone else’s clan is a no-cost option, taking the reins and creating your clan requires an investment of 500 gems, the in-game currency that can be a bit pricey.

Spending 500 gems just to start a clan is kind of, but it’s all about leadership and playing with your squad. If you’re the kind of player who likes to be in charge, calling the shots and leading the charge, starting your clan is the way to go.

500 gems aren’t pocket change. So, it’s a decision you may want to make with a group of friends. If you and your buddies are ready to dive into the clan experience together, pooling your resources to start a new clan could be a great investment in your gaming fun.

Then again, if you’re not up for the leadership role or the upfront cost, joining an existing clan is a solid alternative. When choosing a clan, think about your style of play.

Maybe your friends are already in a clan, or they’re even starting one themselves. Joining their ranks gives you another way to team up and tackle Survivor io together.

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Roles And Responsibilities of Clan Leaders

Leading a clan in Survivor io comes with its responsibilities. If you’re the top dog, or leader, of a clan, you’ve got the power to appoint up to two vice leaders.

These people are like your right-hand people, assisting you in running the show. However, you can’t be the last leader to leave the clan.

If you decide to part ways, the leadership baton has to be passed to someone else. If you’ve got vice leaders, they’re first in line for the gig.

If not, any active member can step up to the plate. This ensures that no clan is left on the move, even if the leader decides to take a rest.

Speaking of being MIA, if a clan leader goes inactive for too long, there’s a safety net. Other members can step up to the plate and take over the leadership role.

Vice leaders get first privileges, but if they’re not around, any active clan member can grab the reins. This system makes sure that no clan is truly abandoned unless every single member decides to hibernate simultaneously.

In addition, every move you and your clan mates make in the game racking up points on a scoreboard. These points earn you the right to shop in the clan store for some amazing benefits.

While the shop may not be fully operational yet, the idea is that you and your clan will collectively decide how to spend these points on useful items.

As the leader, you’ve got a bit more power in these decisions compared to other members. It’s one of the bonuses that come with paying the 500-gem clan fee.

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