Survivor.IO: Special Ops Complete Guide

This is a complete guide to Special Ops In In this guide, you will learn what exactly special ops In the game Including:

  • How you can unlock special ops In the game
  • Special ops upgrades
  • Special ops coins

Let’s dive In.

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What Are Special Ops In

Special Ops in is more like choosing your adventure, but instead of choosing a page to turn to, you’re deciding on challenges to attack.

However, you’ve got three options laid out in front of you, each with its set of advantages and disadvantages. You’re in it for the looted equipment, gems, gold, and energy essence.

These challenges come in different colors which Indicates their difficulty. White, green, blue, and purple. The harder the challenge, the better the color.

Once you’ve picked your challenge, you’ll be thrown into the battle. Kill 3000 enemies in a set timeframe, take down three bosses, or show your boss skills by defeating two bosses in 10 seconds, these are the kinds of adventures you sign up for.

And, if you’re not feeling a particular challenge, just hit the refresh button. You’ve got 24 hours to prove your skills. So, choose wisely and get ready for some action.

In addition, the rewards for each challenge change with the difficulty. And the best part is that you get to take a sly look at the bonuses before you jump in. Special Ops Grades

Special Ops GradeChapter RequirementUnlockable Features
Grade 1Clear Chapter 8Unlock Special Ops
Grade 2Clear Chapter 10Unlock Excellent Grade Missions
Grade 3Clear Chapter 15
Grade 4Clear Chapter 20Unlock Epic Grade Missions
Grade 5Clear Chapter 25


  • Excellent and epic-grade missions offer better rewards but are challenging. Recommended for experienced players.
  • Survivor Ops yields valuable gold and equipment, crucial for equipment merging to higher grades. Special Ops Coins

In’s Special Ops mode, when you conquer challenges, you bag some Special Ops Coins. They are the gold in the game.

These coins are your way to level up your gear. And, the tougher the challenge, the more coins you get. Once you’ve stacked up 300 of these coins, you get to cash them in for a random Survivor Shard. By doing this, you are unlocking a new level for your character.

Challenge GradeSpecial Ops Coins Reward
Normal Grade (Grey)10
Good Grade (Green)15
Better Grade (Blue)25
Excellent Grade (Yellow)40
Epic Grade (Yellow)80

8 Simple Steps To Unlock Special Ops In

Step 1: Move To The Main Lobby

  • Open up and go to the main lobby.

Step 2: Spot The Daily Event Button

  • Look at the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • You’ll see a button there, it’s the daily event button.

Step 3: Give It A Tap

  • Go ahead, and tap the daily event button.
  • Once you press it, you’ll be taken to the daily event page.

Step 4: Scroll To The Bottom

  • On the daily event page, scroll down to the bottom section of the screen, because this is where Special Ops is hanging out.

Step 5: Welcome To The Special Ops Main Screen

  • You’re on the Special Ops main screen.

Step 6: Choose Your Challenge

  • Take a moment to look at the list of challenges and rewards.
  • Want to go for “Kill 3000 enemies” or the boss showdown? Your call.

Step 7: Dive Into The Action

  • You’ve picked your challenge, hit the play button.
  • You’re officially in Special Ops mode.

Step 8: Conquer And Claim Your Rewards

  • Face the challenges head-on, defeat enemies, conquer bosses, whatever the mission, give it your all.
  • Once you succeed, claim your well-deserved rewards.

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