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This is a complete guide to If you’re new to, this guide will walk you through everything you need to know about the game.

Which Includes:

  • Characters
  • Skills
  • Equipment
  • Tech parts

Let’s dive In.

Brief Overview About, created by Justin Kim and Nick Clark, is a fantastic multiplayer 2D battle royale game that you can play right in your browser.

It first hit the gaming scene in October 2017 on desktop browsers, and later on, in 2018, it made its way to iOS and Android devices.

If you’re into the whole battle royale vibe, lets you face off against other players on a big map, and the view is from the top like you’re looking down on the action.

Just like in other battle royale games, your mission is to survive by scavenging for supplies and weapons. You’re not alone in this; you can team up with two or three other players. Your character, or as they call it, “Survivor,” is surrounded by a “Red Zone” that gets smaller as the game proceeds.

Stay out of that zone because it sucks away your health. Starting with just your hands, you’ve got to find better gear in crates, buildings, and random objects scattered across the map.

When you bite the dust, you lose everything, and the last person standing wins the game. What’s amazing about is its ever-changing game modes.

Limited-time modes spice things up with great weapons and items. PC Gamer loves the game’s speedy gameplay and quick matchmaking as they say it’s one of the most fun battle royale games out there.

Back in May 2018, VG247 called the “most popular battle royale title after Fortnite and playerunknown’s Battlegrounds.”

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Characters In

In this chapter, you will learn:

  • List of characters In the game
  • Their level and star upgrades
  • How you can upgrade these characters.

Let’s get started.

1. Common

Common is one of our main characters in, a recluse who’s all about comics, weapons, aliens, and anything mysterious.

This character is always having decisions handed to him and takes a nap as part of this Hibernation Project. He was roused from his slumber by something called the “trial of dreams” during a human counter-offensive operation.

Now, this poor fella, who thought he’d just chill at home with his comics and gadget, got caught up in the thick of things. Maybe he’s not the hero type, but circumstances decided for him.

The interesting thing about this character is that he’s kind of an everyman, not a superhero, not a soldier by choice, just an ordinary person thrust into the extraordinary.

Level of Grades

20Survivor HP +1,000
40[ALL SURVIVORS] +5% Crit Damage
60Survivor ATK +600
80[ALL SURVIVORS] Heal +5% when on level-up
100Survivor ATK +1,000

Star Upgrades

RankUnlocksShards Cost
1Pointless (Passive): +3% to all skill damage.0
2Survivor License
Survivor HP +2,000; Survivor ATK +40010
3Expired Plan (Passive): +3% to all skill ranges.
Survivor HP +20%50
4Advanced Survivor License
Survivor HP +2,500; Survivor ATK +500100
6Helter Skelter (Passive): -3% to all skill CDs
Survivor ATK +20%300


2. Catnips

These characters have a wild backstory that’s like something out of a movie. One of them used to be a smarty-pants at the Purrfect College.

They were deep into tech research, specifically E-cell things. Anyway, life took a wild turn. There was an accident with these E-cells, they went all mad scientists and experimented on themselves.

They turned into a bit of a cat-human combo. While dealing with mutant problems, the Catnip character got attacked. It was a hairy situation, but lucky for them, the Common Alliance showed up and saved the day. They’re field medics, right on the front lines in the battle against those mutants.

Level Upgrades

20Boost Survivor Health by +1,000
40All Survivors Gain +5% HP
60Strengthen Survivor Attack by +600
80All Survivors Experience +5% Revival Effect
100Survivor Attack Power Surges by +1,000

Star Upgrades

RankUnlockablesShards Cost
1Medi-drone (Selected in a game): Creates a healing zone50 (Unlock)
2Survivor gains +2,000 HP; Survivor ATK increases by 40010
3Tech Breakthrough: All drones can now be freely paired. Survivor HP gets a boost of 20%50
4Survivor gets +2,500 HP; Survivor ATK increases by 500100
6Advanced Medicine: Healing drone effect is now doubled. Survivor ATK increases by 20%300

3. Tsukiyomi

Tsukiyomi is a character in the game who’s as cute as a button but also kind of alien. She just wants to do her own thing. While most people decided to go for the whole Hibernation Plan, It’s not for Tsukiyomi.

She stayed out of that underground shelter drama. However, It turns out this girl is crazy good with a sword. Like, insanely skilled.

She’s so confident in her sword-using skills that she said, “Why bother with all that underground living when I can handle myself up here?”

There’s a story floating around that a poor guy got on Tsukiyomi’s nerves during her nap, and let’s just say things got a bit choppy.

Rumor has it that her sword skills are so top-notch that Steelgnasher lost a chin and an arm because it messed with her sleep. Don’t mess with Tsukiyomi’s nap time.

Level Upgrades

20Boosts Survivor HP by +1,000
40All survivors get a +5% ATK boost
60Enhances Survivor ATK by +600
80All survivors gain +5% Crit Rate
100Increases Survivor ATK by +1,000

Star Upgrades

RankUnlocksShards Cost
1Get the Moonshade Slash (Picked in a game): It's a strong forward slash80 (Unlock)
2Boost survivor health by 2,000; Survivor attack by 40010
3Nito-ryu: When your main blade evolves, you can upgrade the Moonshade Slash again. Survivor health gets a 20% boost too50
4Increase survivor health by 2,500; Survivor attack by 500100
6EVO Unleashed: Upgrading Moonshade Slash isn't limited to the main weapon. Also, survivors' attacks get a 20% boost300

4. Wesson

Wesson is a big character in He’s the top dog, officially, a non-commissioned officer working hard for the EDF. What’s EDF, if you ask? The Earth Defense Force. Wesson is the commander of the 5th Survivor Squad, a calm guy, and knows how to make tough decisions.

He’s like the Rambo of And when I say he’s a man of few words, I mean it, he’s not into chit-chat.  Here’s Wesson’s story:

He wasn’t exactly delighted about having King join his squad. Nope, he was dead set against it. But, you know what they say, sometimes a good old drinking showdown can change things.

Wesson and King went head to head in a drinking game. And Wesson ended up snoozing for three days straight after losing.

When Wesson finally woke up, he did a 180 and said, “Alright, King can join the squad.” However, the whole 5th Squad had to move about the incident. Wesson made it clear.

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How To Get Characters In

In the game, you’ve got to work to obtain characters. And by work, I mean you need shards. A lot of them. First off, let’s talk Catnips.

These characters are one of the main characters In the game, and to unlock a Catnip character, you’re going to need 50 Catnip shards or 5000 gems.

That’s the game’s currency. The other characters are not as exclusive as the Catnips, but they’re still pretty cool. To unlock them, you’ll need 80 shards.

And here’s the thing, you can earn these shards by playing the game, being a boss, and completing challenges. But, if you’re not patient, you can also shell out some real money.

How To Upgrade Characters In

Upgrading your character is all about collecting character shards. They are like jigsaw puzzle pieces, but each piece has a character on it, which is very important to level up.

To get these shards, you’ve got to dive into the Special Ops during the Daily Event. They are special missions, something a bit different from your regular gaming routine.

Daily Events are your access to these character shards. The Special Ops part is a mini-challenge within the Daily Event. You take it on, do your thing, and character shards are yours.

Who doesn’t want a stronger character in the game? Just hit up the Daily Events, tackle the Special Ops, get the character shards, and by doing this, your character will become more powerful.

Skills In

In the game, skills are your secret weapons. They help you complete missions, and though they’re not forever, they reset at the start of each level.

However, there are two types of skills: Active and Passive and Passive skills. Active skills are moves for smacking monsters around and defending yourself.

They’re the main skills. Also, Passive skills are those handy upgrades you get like +8% gold or +100% loot range. Each skill has 5 levels and an EVO.

Your weapon is also an Active Skill. And, you can grab and level up the other 5 Active Skills and all 6 Passive Skills by catching biofuel from monster drops or open chests from the remnants of Elites and Bosses you’ve taken down.

It’s a little reward for defeating a monster. Some Passive Skills are super special. They can develop your Active Skills when they hit level 5.

Active And Passive Skills

Active SkillsPassive SkillsEnhanced Skills
Boomerang ThrowerMagnetic City AttractionRebounder Magnetic Field
Brick BarricadeFitness Guide Assistance1-ton Iron Quicksand
Drill Shot DynamoAmmo Thruster BoostWhistling Arrow Speed
Durian SmashHigh-Energy Fuel BoostCaltrops for Takedowns
Forcefield GuardianEnergy Drink Power-upForce Barrier Shield
Guardian Exo-BracerMechanical Bracing BoostDefender Support System
Laser Launcher BeamEnergy Cube Power SourceDeath Ray Intensity
Lightning Emitter ZapEnergy Cube ChargeSupercell Thunderstorm
Modular Mine DeployerMolotov Fire IgniterInferno Bomb Detonator
Modular Mine ComboLightning Emitter MixThunderbolt Bomb Formation
Molotov SplashOil Bond InteractionFuel Barrel Explosion
Moonshade SlashRonin Oyoroi EnhancementMoonhalo Slash Precision
RPG FirestormHigh-Energy Fuel PowerSharkmaw Gun Precision
Soccer Ball HeaderSports Shoes AgilityQuantum Ball Precision

Weapon Skills

WeaponSkilsWeapon EVO
Baseball BatFitness Guide SwingLuxierLucile Grip
KatanaRonin PrecisionDemon Blade Mastery
KunaiNinja Scroll ThrowSpirit-infused Shuriken
LightchaserRonin Light MasteryEternal Light Radiance
A-Type DroneType-A Drone DeploymentEfficient Destroyer
C-Medi-droneType-C Medi-drone SupportDivine Healing Destroyer
RevolverHigh-Power Bullet PrecisionReaper's Quickdraw
ShotgunHigh-Power Buckshot BlastGatling Shotgun Spin
Void PowerExo-Bracer Void ControlGloom Nova Activation

List of Equipment In

Army GearMonster GearProtective GearMetal GearStylish GearEternal GearVoidwaker GearChaos Gear
Weapon 1Army Nameplate (Normal)Weapon 1 (Elite)Army Nameplate (Elite)Weapon 4 (Normal)Bone Pendant (Normal)Weapon 4 (Elite)Bone Pendant (Elite)
Baseball BatBaseball BatKatana (Normal)Katana (Elite)
Weapon 3Metal Neckguard (Normal)Weapon 3 (Elite)Metal Neckguard (Elite)Weapon 2 (Normal)Emerald Pendant (Normal)Weapon 2 (Elite)Emerald Pendant (Elite)
KunaiKunaiRevolver (Normal)Revolver (Elite)
Weapon 5Trendy Charm (Normal)Weapon 5 (Elite)Trendy Charm (Elite)Shotgun (Elite)Lightchaser (Normal)Void Power (Elite)Shotgun (Normal)
LightchaserSword of DisorderSword of Disorder
Necklace 1Army Gloves (Normal)Necklace 1 (Elite)Army Gloves (Elite)Necklace 3 (Normal)Leather Gloves (Normal)Necklace 3 (Elite)Leather Gloves (Elite)
Army NameplateArmy NameplateBone Pendant (Elite)Bone Pendant
Necklace 4Metal Neckguard (Elite)Necklace 2 (Normal)Metal Neckguard (Normal)Necklace 4 (Elite)Emerald Pendant (Normal)Necklace 4 (Elite)Emerald Pendant (Elite)
Shiny WristguardShiny WristguardProtective Gloves (Normal)Voidwaker Handguards (Elite)Chaos Gauntlet
Necklace 5Fingerless Gloves (Normal)Necklace 5 (Elite)Fingerless Gloves (Elite)Necklace 6 (Elite)Eternal Necklace (Normal)
Eternal GlovesVoidwaker Emblem
Necklace 7
Gloves 1Army Uniform (Normal)Gloves 1 (Elite)Army Uniform (Elite)Gloves 3 (Normal)Carapace (Normal)Gloves 3 (Elite)Carapace (Elite)
Army GlovesArmy GlovesLeather Gloves (Elite)Leather Gloves
Gloves 4Full Metal Suit (Normal)Gloves 4 (Elite)Full Metal Suit (Elite)Gloves 2 (Normal)Protective Suit (Normal)Gloves 2 (Elite)Protective Suit (Elite)
Shiny WristguardShiny WristguardFull Metal Suit (Normal)
Gloves 5Traveler's Jacket (Normal)Gloves 5 (Elite)Traveler's Jacket (Elite)Gloves 6 (Elite)Eternal Suit (Normal)
Fingerless GlovesFingerless GlovesVoidwaker Windbreaker
Gloves 7Armor of QuietusArmour of Quietus
Armor 1Army Belt (Normal)Armor 1 (Elite)Army Belt (Elite)Armor 3 (Normal)Leather Belt (Normal)Armor 3 (Elite)Leather Belt (Elite)
Army UniformArmy UniformCarapace (Elite)Carapace
Armor 4Protective Suit (Elite)Armor 2 (Normal)Protective Suit (Normal)Armor 4 (Elite)Full Metal Suit (Normal)Armor 2 (Elite)Full Metal Suit (Elite)
Broad WaistguardBroad WaistguardTraveler's Jacket (Normal)
Armor 5Highboots (Normal)Armor 5 (Elite)Highboots (Elite)Armor 6 (Elite)Eternal Suit (Normal)
Trendy Charm (Elite)Trendy Charm (Normal)
Armor 7Voidwaker SashTwisting Belt

Tech Parts In

In this chapter, you will learn about what tech parts do In the game which will include:

  • Grade and levels
  • Upgrades
  • Skills
  • Effect

Let’s get started.

What Does Tech Parts Do in

Tech parts come into play after you conquer your first daily challenge. Once that’s done, you’ll spot them hanging out in the Equipment section right above your character.

These tech parts walk confidently in with the 1.5 Update of However, finding these tech parts is a treasure hunt.

Daily challenges, daily purchases, and the shop for Gems, that’s where they hang out. You’ve got Attack Tech Parts which make your attacks hit harder and smarter.

Annihilator, Antimatter Generator, Energy Diffuser, and the gang, they’re your attack tech parts. Then, there are Defense Tech Parts.

And, Nanobots, Exo-skeleton are your virtual bodyguards, boosting your health and making you more resilient. If you ask me, tech parts are a game changer.

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Tech Parts Grade And Levels

There are six grades for each tech part:

  • Normal (grey)
  • Good (green)
  • Better (blue)
  • Excellent (purple)
  • Epic (yellow)
  • Legendary (red)

When it comes to an Excellent grade, there are three levels to it: the base level, then level 1, and finally level 2. Moving on to Epic grade, it’s even more exciting.

It has four levels: the base level, then levels 1, 2, and 3. So, in total, you’ve got 11 grades and levels to keep track of. It’s a scale from basic to legendary, with a few pit stops in between.

Tech Parts Ugrade In

Sometimes, It is not always about finding good equipment; you can also get tech parts. When you collect three of the same kind, you get an upgrade.

Going from Good to Better or Better to Excellent, you need to merge three identical parts to unlock better stats or add some extra boost to your skills.

And, when it comes to merging Excellent and Epic parts, you only need two of the same kind. Each type of part has different levels before it can level up to the next grade.

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Tech Parts Skills In

In the game, your tech parts also get some skills, and the best part is, that these skills get better as your parts level up. However, not all parts are created equal.

Excellent and Epic parts seem to be the best because they level up regardless of your game level. No need to stress about leveling up in the game, your tech parts have your back.

Also, Better and Epic parts have fixed skills. They know what they’re good at, and they stick to it. But when it comes to Excellent and Legendary parts, they like to keep things interesting as their skills vary.

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