Tactics Ogre Reborn Trophy Guide

About Tactics Ogre Reborn

Tactics Ogre Reborn Trophy was updated in 2010 having some of its processes improved like graphics and sound. It also comes with a tactical ogre that’s very excellent. With the inclusion of reborn, there are many things you will experience in the game.

This guide is all you need to get along with Tactics Ogre which includes secret trophies. There are a total of 34 Trophies which will be detailed below.

Tactics Ogre Reborn Trophies List

True Hero

This is when you have gotten all trophies.

Hero of Golyat

This trophy is known as Rescued Duke Ronwey from imprisonment in Almorica Castle. You will be rewarded with this trophy after completing Almorica Castle early in Chapter 1.

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Corpse Dancer

This has to confront the Necromancer Nybeth at Qadriga Fortress and destroy him and his dark experiments. You will be rewarded with Corpse Dancer when you kill Nybeth in the Qadriga Fortress in chapter 1.

Butcher of Golyat

With Butcher of Golyat, you will obey Leonar’s order when at Balmamusa when completing Chapter 1. You will counter Duke Ronwey’s plan that it intended to kill five thousand innocents in Balmamusa.

Fallen Hero

Because you didn’t obey Duke Ronwey’s heartless plan to exterminate innocent Balmamusa. Due to your refusal, you will be hunted to be killed.

Man of Proven Worth

You are to join forces with Arycelle who was an insider of Balmamusa but for his way out to be free from Vyce trap. To unlock Chapter 2A, you will also disobey Leonar’s order when you reach Balmamusa near the end of Chapter 1. It’s important to ensure that Arycelle survives the wars from Xeod Moors till it reaches Tynemouth Hill.

Man Among Friends

You need to befriend the members of the Liberation Front at Boed Fortress. You don’t have to obey Leonard’s order at Balmamusa when completing Chapter to unlock Chapter 2A. After disobeying the order, Cistina in Golyat request that she join at Boed Fortress.

Man of Principles

You will reject Sir Leonar’s entreaty to join the Resistance Forces. Just like the previous read, don’t obey Leonar’s order at Balmamusa when finishing Chapter 2A. You can accept Leonar’s order when you start the mission in Almorica Castle when finishing the chapter.

The Hero Returned

You must accept Sir Leonar’s entreaty here to join Resistance Forces. After that, refuse his order at Balmamusa when completing Chapter 1 to unlock Chapter 2A. Once completed, accept Leonar’s order when you carry out Almorica Castle mission when completing the chapter.

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You have to save Xapan who was hired as a mercenary by pirates at Qadriga Fortress. To unlock Chapter 2B, you are to heed Leonar’s order when you reach Balmamusa at the ending of Chapter 1. Then go ahead to save Xapan held in Darza, Qadriga Fortress.

Leader of Men

You have to kill Sir Leonar immediately he killed Duke Ronwey to become the leader of the Resistance Forces. You are to obey Leonar’s order at Balmamusa when completing Chapter 1 which will unlock Chapter 2B. After that, meet Arkhaiopolis of Rhime. Any response you choose here will reward you with Leader of the Men when the chapter finishes.

Dark Knight Slayer

You have to fight and kill Dark Knight Oz to rescue Cerya from the Boed Fortress.

Slayer of the Dying

This is when you have destroyed Sir Xaebox who is the commanding officer of the Galgastani forces at Coritanae Keep.

Miracle Worker

This trophy is obtained when you saved Sir Leonar from Qadriga Fortress imprisonment.

The Unflinching

While at Bahanna Highlands, in the midst of Resistance, go on to save the blind swordsman. When you visit Bahanna Highlands for the second time in Chapter 3B. Complete the mission and ensure that Hobyrim isn’t killed and recruit him to join your forces.

Untarnished Hero

You must have defeated Sir Xaebos who is the commander of the remaining soldiers of Galgastani stationed in Brigantys Castle. When completing the final quest in Chapter 2A, don’t accept Leonar’s request to join his forces. Disobeying him will unlock Chapter 3B. Once done, kill Xaebos when you reach Brigantys Castle at the great hall.

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The Conqueror

You have to save Coritanae Keep while you bring Hierophant Balbatos to justice.

He Who Walks In Darkness

You must defeat Bakram forces when commanded by the Dark Knight Ozma. You will also rescue Hobyrim, the blindman when you get to Arkhaiopolis of Rhime.

Destroyer of Galgastan

You will receive this trophy when you defeat Sir Xaebos commander of Galgastani armies. You will fight him off at Almorica Castle.

Defeated Sir Xaebos, commander of the Galgastani army remnants, at Almorica Castle.

Southron Liberato

This is gotten after you have driven the Dark Knights from Phidoch Castle. You will get hold of the command of the South of Valeria. When completing Chapter 3B, kill Oz and Ozma in the Phidoch Castle.

Man of Peace

You will receive this trophy when you travel to Brigantys Castle without any weapon and alone. You will also parley with the Order of Philaha.

Princess Savior

Go to Barnicia Castle and save Catiua from the Dark Knights.

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Bringer of Peace

You will defeat Brantyn when you go to Royal City of Heim. Defeating Brantyn will cause Catiua to cease the bloody war.

Dynast-King Slayer

You will destroy Dorgalua to receive this trophy. Dorgalua is the Dynast-King and just returned from the Abyss.

Slayer of the Sea Witch

Destroy Sirene to heal Luria from the spell she was cast with.

He Who Walks the Deeps

When you discover the secret door while on the third level of the Palace of the Dead. After this, there will be access now to the depths below.

Necromancer Scourge

Necromancer Nybeth has embraced death to become a Lich, you have to defeat it.

Slayer of the Wind Watch

Gotten when you destroy the guardian Tlaloc.

Slayer of the Fire Watch

You must destroy guardian Ifrit.

Slayer of the Ice Watch

After defeating the guardian Lygenstzel, you will be rewarded with this Trophy.

Captain of Fate

This is when you have ended the Heim Conflict in the whole three-time lines.

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