How To Beat Mega Challenge In Survivor IO?

This guide walks you through how you can defeat Mega Challenge In In this guide, I will break down three things you need to do to conquer mega challenges In the game.

Let’s dive In.

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Understanding The Farm Challenge Basics

To get started, you need to unlock the mega challenge and to do this, you need to finish Chapter 2 of the main storyline. Once you’ve done that, head over to the Trials section in the main menu.

When you choose Mega Challenge, you must be ready for the toughest quests. However, luck plays a significant role here.

Some lucky gamers easily throw it with a level 20-25 character, while some players at level 60 may find themselves retrying it more than a handful of times.

Before you embark on the mega challenge adventure, do a test run. Get to know the lay of the land, memorize the timings, and be aware of the enemies burning for a fight.

Talking about the enemies, bosses are the real mega challenges. Study their moves, understand their battle style, and tweak your strategy accordingly. It’s okay to stumble. Learn from it, adapt your strategy, and give it another shot.

How Do You Beat The Farm Mega Challenge In

1. Boost Your Weapons

When it comes to, there are two types of players in the weapon upgrade game: The multitaskers who believe in improving a ton of weapons.

The focused gamers who swear by boosting one weapon until the mid-game stages. However, If you’re in it for the mega challenges, the smart money is on the focused strategy.

Mega challenges are marathons, not sprints. So, having at least one powerful weapon before the first boss showdown should be considered if you want to conquer the mega challenge.

If you haven’t developed at least one weapon by the time the first boss came to the challenge onto the scene, consider it a red flag.

Don’t waste your time, just hit the restart button. It’s better to start fresh and be powerful than struggle with a boss. But, what if the game decides to be stingy with the supplies you need for your weapon? That’s just bad luck. If you find yourself in that situation, don’t be afraid to start afresh.

2. Keep Your Distance

In’s mega challenge, zombies have different speeds. And your mission is to adapt. Understand the speed variations at different game stages and adjust your pace accordingly.

Just imagine the map as your playground. Dead center. Always aim to stay there, because it gives you room to breathe, strategize, and, most importantly, move around.

This approach takes out the zombies closing in while you circle your way to survival. In addition, If you’re diving into the mega challenge with an emulator, make controlling your character an easy task.

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3. Have A Game Plan

I will say this, don’t rush into battle without a game plan. It is not the best idea if you don’t have a plan. Similarly, for mega challenges in, strategizing is one of the best ways you can defeat the mega challenge.

Your strategy hinges on understanding the game inside out. Know your weapons, which ones are effective and which are better left collecting dust.

Also, familiarize yourself with your enemies, their weaknesses, and their strengths. Then again, choose equipment that complements your playstyle.

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