Skills And Evo Combos List

This is the list of EvoCombo list In Evolutions are the upgraded versions of your skills in It is the final form that you can unlock after getting good at a basic skill.

Once evolved, your skills become a force which makes it easier to tackle chapters and trials. Sometimes, a skill evolution may not seem all that impressive, but don’t be too quick to dismiss it. Because the passive item that comes with it can be a game-changer. That said, Let’s get the Evo Combos List

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Evo ComboSkillEffects
Boomerang + Hi-Power MagnetMagnetic RebounderThrash two boomerangs that run around you, hitting enemies in their path.
Brick + Fitness Guide1-Ton IronThrows out eight dumbbells that spread out, smacking enemies as they go. These dumbbells don't break and keep hitting foes.
Forcefield + Energy DrinkPressure ForcefieldPuts up a protective forcefield around you that pushes enemies away and deals damage to them.
Durian + HE FuelCaltropsIt Hurls a huge spiked ball that bounces around, hitting enemies. The ball also shoots spikes now and then for extra damage. You can use it as a shield when things get tough.
Laser Launcher + Energy CubeDeath RayShoots lasers from the edges of the screen, spiraling in and hitting enemies as they come toward you.
RPG + HE FuelSharkmaw GunFires a massive missile at enemies, causing heavy damage and exploding to hit a large area.
Modular Mine + Lightning EmitterThunderbolt BombDrops mines on the ground that, when triggered, shoot bolts of electricity, moving enemies in a wide area.
Modular Mine + MolotovInferno BombConjures mines that explode, leaving fire puddles that deal damage. Great for controlling a bunch of enemies.
Drill Shot + Ammo ThrusterWhistling ArrowSummons a permanent arrow that moves around, passing through enemies and causing damage. Good for steadily wearing down enemies.
Type-A Drone + Type-B DroneDestroyerSummons a permanent drone that shoots homing missiles quickly. Missiles have a limited range, so get up close for maximum damage.
Destroyer + Medi-droneDivine DestroyerHas the same properties as the Destroyer but also heals you and nearby allies.
Guardian + Exo-BracerDefenderSummons six spinning tops that circle you, dealing light damage and pushing back enemies. Handy for dealing with a bunch of foes at once.
Soccer Ball + Sports ShoesQuantum BallTosses fast-moving soccer balls that hit enemies hard as they bounce around.
Lightning Emitter + Energy CubeSupercellStrikes enemies with lightning bolts without needing accurate aiming. The bolts break apart, creating waves that damage nearby enemies.
Molotov + Oil BondFuel BarrelThrows out barrels that break on the ground, releasing blue flames that burn enemies. Covers a wide area, so it's great for dealing with lots of foes at once.
Void Power + Exo-BracerGloom NovaCreates black holes that suck enemies in and deal damage. When the black holes fade, they leave a shield dome that pushes enemies away. Gives you a breather for a few seconds.
Lightchaser + Ronin OyoroiEternal LightSwings a powerful sword twice, dealing heavy damage. Quick enough to keep dealing damage as long as you stay close to the enemy.
Katana + Ronin OyoroiDemon BladeShoots waves of energy at enemies, causing heavy damage. These waves also restore your health when you defeat enemies.
Kunai + Koga Ninja ScrollSpirit ShurikenThrows strong shurikens at nearby enemies, dealing decent damage. A versatile skill is good for various situations.
Shotgun + Hi-Power BulletGatling GunA ranged weapon that shoots quickly in the direction you're facing. Has a high fire rate and a tight spread, making it effective for hitting distant targets hard.
Revolver + Hi-Power BulletReaperFires up to 12 bullets in a row before needing to reload. Each bullet packs a punch, dealing heavy damage to enemies.

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