How To Merge Equipment In Survivor io?

This is a comprehensive guide to merging equipment In Survivor In 2023. And In this guide, you will learn what It is, and how you can merge your equipment In the game.

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What Is Merge In

In, Merging simply means to level up your equipment. With Merge, you can transform Good gear into Better, Better into Excellent (that cool Purple glow), Excellent into Epic, and Epic into legendary.

Your gear gets a power boost. Each type of gear has a maximum level it can reach. For example, Good gear can go up to level 20, Better up to 30, and so on.

When you use Merge to jump to the next rarity, not only do the stats get a boost, but the Max Level also increases. You can take that gear even further by leveling it up with Designs.

As you climb the rarity ladder through merging, you unlock new Grade Skills for your gear. These are special abilities or buffs that give you an edge in the game. So, merging enables you to level up, unlock special skills, and become a force to be reckoned with in

How To Merge Equipment?

To start merging gear, head over to the equipment tab in the lobby, and keep an eye out for a red symbol on the merge button.

Merging doesn’t cost you any coins or gems. It’s all about having the right number of equipment pieces or weapons. Let’s assume you want to:

To Merge From Standard To Good

Getting from standard (that’s the gray stuff) to good grades ( green ) is a game-changer, and it’s easy. All you need is three pieces of equipment or tech parts that match.

And when I say match, I mean they should be identical in grade, type, and name. If you’ve gathered your trio of matching gear, press the merge button. This upgrade boosts the stats and potential of your equipment.

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To Merge From Good To Better

To make good equipment better, you’ll need three pieces of matching equipment or tech parts. It’s the same routine as going from standard to good, just gather three identical pieces of good gear.

Upgrading from good to better will Increase the max level, improve the item’s base stat, and unlock the first-grade skill. Here’s the step-by-step:

Once you’ve got your three identical pieces of good equipment ready, toss them into the designated boxes, and once they’re all in place, hit the merge button. This process works the same way for tech parts and weapons.

To Merge From Better To Excellent

To do this, pick three identical pieces of your blue-grade equipment, weapons, or tech parts. Once you’ve popped those three identical pieces into the merge boxes, press the merge button.

Your better-grade gear will transform into excellent-grade gear. This upgrade boosts your item’s base stats, giving it a higher maximum level, and unlocking yet another grade skill.

To Merge From Excellent +2 To Epic

All you need is a pair of identical Excellent +2 (purple) equipment pieces. Upgrading to Epic not only unlocks a new grade skill for your gear but also gives the item a stat boost.

Once you’ve got your identical Excellent +2 gear ready, head to the merge zone. There’s a box waiting for your gear twin. Pop them in, and hit that merge button.

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To Merge From Epic To Legendary

You’ll need an Epic +3 item and two exact pieces of Epic gear. They all come together to create the legendary gear. This is the only way to get the most powerful gear that’ll help you conquer the game’s toughest levels and tasks. The legendary gear boosts your stats and also unlocks the top-grade skill for that piece of equipment.

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