Shindo Life Beginners Guide

This is a complete beginner guide to Shindo Life. Shindo Life is a game on Roblox, and RELL World develops it. In the game, you’re a ninja fighting rival, completing missions, and unlocking new powers. In this guide, you will learn about:

  • The Races in Shindo Life
  • Sub-ability
  • Bloodline
  • Ninja tools

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1. Races In Shindo Life

In Shindo Life, races are the ninja power that gives you special abilities for combat. When you first start, you’re a Human, that’s the default setting in this ninja game.

To get a new race, you need to reach at least Z1 rank. Head over to Ryuji Cave and talk to Kabu Cobra. But keep your wallet ready, because a new race costs RellCoin20,000 or Robux150 each time.

However, here are some great races you can get In the game: Shinobi, Shark, Puppet, Snake, and Celestial. Humans and Shinobis are easy, you start with them.

You can only get the other four after defeating their respective bosses. And if you want a Shark race, you need to take down Deuce Wanziame.

Also, for the Puppet race,  Ailee Minakami is your target. If you want the Snake Race, then conquer Kabu Cobra.

And for Celestial, defeating Kagoku. Beat them, and you get their DNA strand, your ticket to spinning for their race. Once you have any of these four races, going for a new one won’t get you back your original race unless you get its DNA strand again.

2. Sub-ability In Shindo Life

In the game, Sub-Abilities are a type of Jutsu that applies to your gameplay. You can think of them as extra moves to Improve your adventure.

However, you’ve got Elements and Bloodlines Jutsus, and then there’s this category of Sub-Abilities which ranges from martial arts to modes and other Jutsus.

Most of the sub-ability is hidden, and scattered around the game. You need to go to specific locations at certain times, and if you’re lucky, you’ll stumble upon the scroll that unlocks a new Sub-Ability. But not everything in the ninja is that mysterious. Some Sub-Abilities are just a shopping spree away.

You can head over to the menu, have a look at the available Sub-Abilities, and if you’ve got enough Ryo (that’s the in-game currency) and meet the required stats, you can get a new Sub-Ability without all the scroll-hunting.

It’s like this, you could stumble upon a Martial Arts scroll during your travels, and suddenly you’ve got a powerful new move in your arsenal.

Or, if you’re a bit impatient and your Ryo bag is jingling, you can simply buy the slick mode or jutsu you’ve been eyeing in the menu. Now, don’t expect every Sub-Ability to be easy. Some may require a ninja muscle, you know, leveling up your stats and all that.

3. Bloodline In Shindo Life

If you’ve ever wondered how ninja characters unleash their powers, it’s all due to Bloodlines. These unique abilities draw inspiration from the Naruto anime and come in three types:

  • Eye Bloodlines
  • Clan Bloodlines
  • Elemental Bloodlines

To get a Bloodline, you’ll need to move through the Main Menu, hit Edit, and select Bloodlines. There, you’ll find two slots waiting for you to click and spin.

You can unlock two more slots by getting “Bloodline Slot 3” and “Bloodline Slot 4.” The more slots you have, the more chances you get to land the powerful Bloodlines.

How about the spin mechanism? Rolling for Bloodlines involves spins, and you can score them through various channels. Keep an eye on Twitter and YouTube for codes from RELLGames.

Complete your daily missions, and engage in the Arena game mode. Whenever there’s a Subscriber goal hit, an update is released, or the developers are feeling generous, new codes drop. However, as a beginner, you begin with 15 spins to start your ninja adventure.

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The Ninja Tools In Shindo Life

Ninja Tools are your weapons in the ninja arsenal, designed to give you an edge in combat. However, there are three main types:

  • Throwable Ninja Tools
  • Consumable Ninja Tools
  • Weapon Ninja Tools

Throwable Ninja Tools are your ninja projectiles, just throw them, and they’ll hit your opponents with different effects. Consumable Ninja Tools act as on-the-go healing items.

When you’ve taken a beating, popping one of these will help you regain some stats. Weapon Ninja Tools, on the other hand, upgrade your game.

They not only change how you swing your weapon but also grant you access to a special ability that gives your close-quarters combat a unique spin.

These tools aren’t handed to you, you’ll need to find them scattered across the ninja. Experiment with different ones to discover what suits your ninja style best. In Shindo Life, being a smart ninja means knowing how to use your tools wisely.

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