How To Make Oil In Stardew Valley

This is a guide to making oil In Stardew Valley. Oil in Stardew Valley is like the cooking oil you use at home. Sometimes, if you’ve upgraded your farmhouse, you may find 2-4 bottles in crates on the Beach Farm.

The interesting part is that the quality of the oil doesn’t really matter for selling, and it doesn’t get better if you’re an expert at making things. But, when you cook, it’s a useful ingredient.

Let’s dive In.

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How To Make Oil In Stardew Valley?

Making oil in Stardew Valley is like cooking in the game’s kitchen. You need an Oil Maker, a virtual gadget that turns farm things into useful oils.

To do this, send corn, sunflowers, or sunflower seeds into the Oil Maker, and you’ve got options. You can make truffle oil for cooking or go for all-purpose cooking oil for everyday farm meals.

These oils are special, not your usual kitchen stuff. They’re called Artisan Goods and can spice up your cooking or earn you gold by selling them. To get the Oil Maker, gather 50 Slime, 20 Hardwood, and 1 Gold Bar, and hit level 8 in Farming to unlock it. On the menu:

  • Truffle Oil: Use truffles, wait 5-6 hours, and sell it for 850 gold.
  • All-Purpose Cooking Oil: Mix corn, sunflower, or sunflower seeds, wait 2 days, and sell for 100 gold.

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How To Make Truffle Oil In Stardew Valley?

To make truffle oil in Stardew Valley, you need to get some truffles. Truffles are huge, and you can sell them for a good sum. However, the trick is turning the truffles into truffle oil.

It takes six hours, but it’s worth it. Truffle oil is special and It sells for 1065 gold. Go get your Farming skill to level eight, craft an oil maker, and gather enough truffles.

Send one truffle into the oil maker, and wait six hours, after six hours, your truffle oil is ready to sell. In short, get truffles, level up farming, craft an oil maker, put in a truffle, and wait. Your reward is a bottle of truffle oil and some extra gold in your wallet.

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What Is The Best Crop For Oil Stardew Valley?

When it comes to making oil in Stardew Valley, some crops work better than others. Base-quality sunflowers and their grown seeds, along with gold or lower-quality corn, are your options for profitable oil.

These crops strike the right balance between cost and selling price which makes them the top choices for your Oil Maker. So, focus on growing these, send them in, and see your in-game wallet grow. It’s just smart farming.

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