How To Learn Recipes In Stardew Valley

This is a guide to learning recipes In Stardew Valley. In Stardew Valley, you’ve got recipes for all kinds of things, from Tom Kha soup to Blueberry Tart.

Cooking in the game is fun, and some recipes need you to be friends. These recipes make farm life easier and boost your luck. Cooking with these recipes helps your health and energy.

Some give buffs and useful stats, while others just fill up your meters. However, making recipes is simple, just Cave Carrot and Winter Root.

When you’re done, you will get 135 Energy, 60 Health, and an Attack +3 buff for five minutes. To cook, learn the recipe first.

Let’s dive In.

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How To Learn Recipes In Stardew Valley?

NameIngredientsEnergyHealthBuffsSell PriceRecipe Source
Fried EggEgg5022-35g-
OmeletEgg, Milk10045-100gThe Queen of Sauce (28 Spring, Year 1)
SaladLeek, Dandelion, Vinegar11350-110gEmily (Mail - 3+ Heart)
Cheese CauliflowerCauliflower, Cheese13862-300gPam (Mail - 3+ Heart)
Baked FishSunfish, Bream, Wheat Flour7533-100gThe Queen of Sauce (7 Summer, Year 1)
Parsnip SoupParsnip, Milk, Vinegar8538-120gCaroline (Mail - 3+ Heart)
Vegetable MedleyTomato, Beet16574-120gCaroline (Mail - 7+ Heart)
Complete BreakfastFried Egg, Milk, Hash Browns, Pancakes20090Farming (+2), Max Energy (+50) (7 mins)350gThe Queen of Sauce (21 Spring, Year 2)
Fried CalamariSquid, Wheat Flour, Oil8036-150gJodi (Mail - 3+ Heart)
Strange BunWheat Flour, Periwinkle, Void Mayonnaise10045-225gShane (Mail - 7+ Heart)
Lucky LunchSea Cucumber, Tortilla, Blue Jazz10045Luck (+3) (11 mins, 11 secs)250gThe Queen of Sauce (28 Spring, Year 2)
Fried MushroomCommon Mushroom, Morel, Oil13560Attack (+2) (7 mins)200gDemetrius (Mail - 3+ Heart)
PizzaWheat Flour, Tomato, Cheese15067-300gThe Queen of Sauce (7 Spring, Year 2)
Bean HotpotGreen Beans12556Max Energy (+30), Magnetism (+32) (7 mins)100gClint (Mail - 7+ Heart)
Glazed YamsYam, Sugar20090-200gThe Queen of Sauce (21 Fall, Year 1)
Carp SurpriseCarp9040-150gThe Queen of Sauce (7 Summer, Year 2)
Hash BrownsPotato, Oil9040Farming (+1) (5 mins, 35 secs)50gThe Queen of Sauce (14 Spring, Year 2)
PancakesWheat Flour, Egg9040Foraging (+2) (11 mins, 11 secs)100gThe Queen of Sauce (14 Summer, Year 1)
Salmon DinnerSalmon, Amaranth, Kale12556-[Not specified][Not specified]

How To Learn Recipes In Stardew Valley?

In Stardew Valley, cooking starts with learning recipes. There’s a TV show, “The Queen of Sauce,” airing on Sundays and Wednesdays.

You can check the schedule for new recipes in the first two game years, with reruns on Wednesdays. This show also teaches you to make a chocolate cake.

If you watch it on the fourteenth day of winter, you will learn the recipe. Another way is making friends, like Linus. Reach three stars, and check your mailbox for a recipe.

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Sharing recipes boosts your luck and makes farm life richer. As you play, your cooking skills grow, unlocking new recipes. They boost health, energy, and more.

Also, seasonal recipes add variety and make great gifts. However, the game’s menu starts you with eight recipes. Expand your farm, make friends, and shop for more. The menu has the recipe list and the skill bar.

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