How To AFK Farm In Shindo Life?

This guide provides you with easy different ways to AFK farm In Shindo Life. One of the ways you can boost your ninja skills In the game is AFK Farm, in which your ninja earns experience In just a click. But how do you do this?

Let’s find out.

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Ways To AFK Farm In Shindo Life

1. Lounge In Your Apartment For AFK Rewards

AFK farming in Shindo Life can be as simple as kicking back in your apartment. Forget about XP, this way is all about scoring spins and RYO.

To get started just hit the main game menu, choose “Game Modes,” then click on “[MY-HOME].” Find a comfy place, whether it’s a chair or a bed, and settle in for some virtual R&R.

No XP, but every 10 minutes, you’ll pocket 30k RYO and an extra spin. Just click “[CLAIM REWARDS]” when you’re ready to cash in.

Here’s the bonus round: if you’ve got the Spin Storage game, your spins get doubled. Join the RELL Games group on Roblox, and your RYO doubles too.

And with RELL Games group bonuses, you’re looking at a 60k RYO every 10 minutes, which adds up to 360k RYO in an hour.

You can leave it running overnight (8 hours), and wake up to a ninja fortune of 2.88 million RYO. If you’re still hungry for XP, Join the RELL Games group for 2x RYO and 2x XP.

A word of caution: your ninja may take power down after 20 minutes of AFK relaxation. Just keep the action going with an auto-clicker, spam that chats.

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2. Idle on A Training Hill In Shikai Forest

In the Shikai Forest of Shindo Life, there are these training hills where you can just chill and passively rack up XP. Being Idle on these hills isn’t just about leveling up your character.

It’s a one-stop shop for boosting your bloodlines, elements, Jutsu, and even those mode spirits. These hills are nestled in the smaller ponds next to the big one where Gary Slug, the boss, likes to hang out.

However, you can’t pull a Gandalf and sit there forever. After 20 minutes of zen mode, you’ll be disconnected if you don’t spread in a few clicks.

You’ve got to keep the game awake. The solution is to use the auto-clicker. Just set it up to click here and there, maybe open and close the chat. That way, you can extend your meditation session and earn XP.

3. Activate The Auto-clicker Command

When it comes to AFK farming in Shindo Life, the auto-clicker command is a ninja assistant. This strategy involves your character repeatedly attacking a training log while earning you XP for various skills.

To begin the laid-back XP gain, head to any village and locate a training log. In the chat, type in the command “!autoclick on.”

After typing In the command, your ninja will be in auto-attack mode. To turn off the auto-clicker, just type In “!autoclick off” command in the chat.

Even though your character is diligently thrown attacks with the auto-clicker, you may get the boot from Roblox after 20 minutes of idle time.

However, you can dodge the disconnection, by just using third-party auto-clicker software. Get one of those to stand in front of your training log, open up the auto-clicker program, and no more 20-minute eviction notice. Your computer or phone is clicking for you.

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