How To Change Appearance In Shindo Life?

This is a guide to change your character’s appearance In Shindo Life. There are currently two approaches you can use to customize your character:

  • Edit feature
  • Transformative modes

With these approaches, you can customize almost everything about your ninja.

Let’s dive In.

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Edit Feature Mode In Shindo Life

In Shindo Life, adjusting your character’s appearance is easy with the Edit feature. With changing up the face, hair, outfit, shoes, beard, accessories, coat, and band.

To dive into Edit mode, start the game and hit the up arrow once in the game mode selection screen. Then, click on that tempting “Edit” text.

If you’re in the edit window, look at your character’s features. Maybe you want new hair, just tap those arrow keys next to [HAIR].

You can also splash some color onto everything, except your shoes, coat, and accessories. Looking for a specific color, click the [X COLOR] button under the feature and slide to your desired color. Then again, skin tone matters too. You can choose the skin color that suits your skin.

Transformative Modes

In Shindo Life, your character is a chameleon that adapts to different modes in the game. Most modes can transform your character.

Some modes, though, are more subtle. They may change a few things or add some effects. And then some modes turn your character into creatures or monsters, but just for a short time.

To get these looks, you need the mode in your arsenal. If you’ve got one, head to the Sub-Ability tab under Mode in the menu.

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Click ‘Z’ on your keyboard to activate it. Your character’s appearance gets a makeover based on the mode you just activated.

So, If you want a modest change or a full-on monster makeover, just get the right mode and hit ‘Z’. Your character will thank you for the fresh new look.

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