Overwatch 2 Heroes Tier List

This post provides a list of the heroes In Overwatch 2 season 6 with a quick overview of them so that you can know how best they can suit your gameplay. Many of these heroes have been adjusted In terms of their abilities which can greatly enhance our game.

Let’s dive In.

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Overwatch 2 Tank Heroes Tier List

OrisaIn Season 6, Orisa is a star tank. Her damage falloff range got better, and her Fortify ability is great, boosting her health by 125 instead of the previous 75. With a massive health pool and the ability to shove enemies aside, she's a force on any Overwatch 2 map.
Junker QueenJunker Queen, a standout tank since the mid-cycle season four patch, remains strong in Season 6. Though she didn't get any changes this time, if you're comfortable with her unique playstyle, she's still a solid choice. Just be mindful, that her lack of a shield means managing bleeds and timing Commanding Shout is important. If that is tricky, consider a hero with a simpler kit.
DoomfistSurprisingly climbing up the ranks after the Season 6 patch, Doomfist, previously a DPS, finds his place as a tank. Players are discovering his niche this season which makes him a more viable option.
D.VaD.Va gets a boost with improvements to her Boosters that give her a tad more mobility. Efficient use of the Defense Matrix makes her a reliable pick.
SigmaIf you enjoy the shield strategy, go for Sigma this season. A subtle buff to his movement in the latest patch gives him a sturdy tank presence. Both Sigma and Ramattra offer a lot, but Sigma's quiet movement boost makes him a more reliable choice.
ReinhardtA go-to tank with a solid win rate, Reinhardt is popular for a reason. His simple kit lets players focus on situational awareness rather than juggling complex abilities. Great for beginners, Reinhardt is good in the right hands.
WinstonOnly pick Winston if your team is going for a dive composition. He shines when paired with heroes like Tracer, Genji, or Sombra, but he's less effective otherwise.
Roadhog & Wrecking BallRoadhog lost his one-shot power, and his rework won't hit in Season 6. Playing him requires serious practice. Wrecking Ball can be deadly but demands skilled mechanics and may not always fit well in a team setup. Choose wisely.

Overwatch 2 Support Heroes Tier List

BaptisteBaptiste has moved to the top as one of the best healers in Overwatch 2 Season 6. His super-fast healing and a lifesaving move called the "immortality field" make him an all-around support. Surprisingly, in skilled hands, he can dish out damage almost as good as a hit scan DPS. Team him up with the newest support hero, and they're a dynamic duo.
IllariIllari burst onto the scene as an overpowered force in the beginning. Her healing and damage were so strong that Blizzard had to step in with a mid-season fix. Even after the adjustments, she remains a force and a common pick in the Overwatch League. Illari meshes particularly well with Baptiste, forming a robust support combo.
AnaAna stands out for her excellent mix of healing and damage. Her ability to support from afar makes her a flexible hero. The game-changing "Nano Boost" ultimate can turn the tide of a battle, whether it's boosting a tank or a damage hero. Ana consistently holds a top spot in support rankings, and your teammates will always appreciate having her on the team.
LúcioLúcio becomes more impactful when tanks like Orisa are in demand. His speed boosts can patch up Orisa's weakness, making him a valuable addition. Coordination with the team on speed boosts is necessary, especially in the new Flashpoint mode. Lúcio, when played right, becomes a game-changer in matches.
KirikoKiriko remains a steady support choice, undergoing a few tweaks in Season 6. Despite changes, her role is much like it was in Season 5. She's a good pick for those who want a balanced and dependable support hero.
MercyMercy and Moira are ideal if you're not confident with precise aiming like Ana or Baptiste. Mercy is good when paired with a DPS hero dealing consistent targeted damage. Picking Mercy often hinges on your team composition.
ZenyattaZenyatta is a bit of a special pick, favored by support players who've mastered juggling healing and damage. Though tricky for beginners, a skilled Zenyatta player can swiftly change the course of a game.
BrigitteBrigitte's effectiveness depends on the enemy's lineup rather than your team's. The shield-toting hero is the ultimate counter to aggressive attackers, especially annoying Tracers. If your team struggles against dive heroes, Brigitte is your go-to defender.
LifeweaverLifeweaver, after notable buffs in Season 6, may finally be a contender. His unique abilities make him a niche pick, but choosing him over other supports with more consistent output can be challenging. There's a chance he could carve out a specialized role, similar to Zenyatta's impact.

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Overwatch 2 DPS Heroes Tier List

SojournThe all-rounder with great mobility, perfect for beginners.
TracerA match-winner with low health but tricky moves, ideal for skilled players.
Soldier: 76The burst damage expert, is crucial in a meta filled with strong support heroes.
HanzoThe sharpshooter with precision skills to challenge opponents, especially healers.
Bastion & SymmetraUnconventional winners, effective in high-damage and high-heal metas.
Torbjörn & EchoSimilar impactful options like Bastion and Symmetra.
Ashe & Cassidyare Mid-range choices for players who prefer a bit of distance.
WidowmakerRequires precision aiming skills which make her invisible if shots are on target.
PharahCaution advised due to strong hit-scan heroes, effective against Illari with strategy.
Reaper & MeiBrawlers are suitable for close-quarters combat or brawl-style compositions.
Sombra, Junkrat, GenjiSituation-dependent choices; Sombra excels in dives, Junkrat defends chokes, and Genji needs careful play.

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