Shindo Life Ranking System Guide

This is a complete guide to the Shindo Life ranking system. In this guide, you will learn:

  • What is the ranking system In Shindo Life
  • How you can rank Up In the game

And, I will share with you a table of the rank listed In Shindo Life.

Let’s dive In.

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What Is The Ranking System In Shindo Life?

In Shindo Life, the ranking system means leveling up your character after hitting level 1,000. You can also see it as a reset button that takes you back to level one but with some bonuses.

Check out the top-right corner under “Rank” in your server’s player list, and you’ll see your current rank after a successful rank-up.

However, depending on this rank, you get extra points and spins as rewards. Though ranks are sorted into prestige groups.

When you rank up and hit a new prestige group, you start with more points than before. And yes, spins are your mates. They come knocking at your door with every rank-up.

The best part is that when you rank up, only your XP and stats take a dip. Your hard-earned ninja tools, abilities, bloodlines, and all the things you’ve gathered stay put.

You don’t lose any of it. With that said, to unlock your character’s full potential, keep ranking up in Shindo Life, especially to hit the high-tier prestige levels.

How You Can Rank Up In Shindo Life?

Let’s assume that you’ve hit level 1000, and you want to rank up In Shindo Life, here’s how you can do this: To rank up, you’ve got two options: either grind your way up to level 1000 or take a shortcut by dropping 50k Rell coins.

The choice Is yours. Just go over to My Home > Gamemodes > Main Menu. However, your max level stays at 1000, there are no surprises there

You’re still the top dog at level 1000. But what happens after you hit that “Rank Up” button? After every rank-up, you score extra points and a boost in your max stats.

So you can say that the loot gets better with every rank. Stat-based rewards hit their peak at Rank S 1. Even If you grind your way up or drop some Rell coins, ranking up helps you to become a Shindo legend.

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Prestige Levels And Rewards In Shindo Life

Prestige LevelStats (Health, Nin, Chi, Tai)Extra Points at StartReward PointsEXP Boost Range
F0 (Unranked)5000 (MAX)N/AN/A1.5x
Prestige 1 (D1-D3)5200 (MAX)1000201.8-2x
Prestige 2 (C1-C3)5400 (MAX)2000252.1-2.3x
Prestige 3 (B1-B3)5600 (MAX)3000302.4-2.6x
Prestige 4 (A1-A3)5800 (MAX)4000352.7-2.9x
Prestige 5 (S1-S3)6000 (MAX)6000403-3.2x
Prestige 6 (V1-V3)6000 (MAX)6000423.3-3.5x
Prestige 7 (X1-X3)6000 (MAX)6000443.6-3.8x
Prestige 8 (Y1-Y3)6000 (MAX)6000473.9-4.2x
Prestige 9 (Z1-Z3)6000 (MAX)600047 (50 at Z2-Z3)4.4-4.8x
Prestige 10 (MAX1-MAX∞)6000 (MAX)600050 + 15 mins 2x EXP5x

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