How To Level Up Fast In Shindo Life?

This is a guide to level up quickly In Shindo Life. Leveling up your ninja is quite Important for Its adventure, and the benefits that come with It are fantastic.

Your character will be able to gain more XP and Increase Its stats. In this guide, I will share three ways to level up In the game quickly.

Let’s dive In.

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How To Level Up Fast In Shindo Life?

Team Up With Higher-Level Players In Popular Servers

The easiest way to level up quickly In Shindo Life is to make friends by teaming up with higher-level players in popular servers.

Once you’ve got a squad, have your stronger friends hang out in the outer parts of villages. Meanwhile, you go after Green Scroll missions.

The enemy NPCs will pop up near your friends, and they can handle them while you keep accepting more missions. This method is great for leveling up because the NPCs will be at your skill level, not your friends.

Since your buddies can finish missions in just seconds, you’ll gain five to 10 levels without doing anything. It works for any level and is a solid way to unlock the game’s best moves.

Plus, taking down these NPCs also completes quests you can find by pressing the L key on your PC or tapping on the Quest tab on other platforms. These missions are rewarding, but some need you to be at higher levels.

Using Training Logs

In every village, you’ll find these wooden logs hanging out on the outskirts. They’re not just there for decoration; they’re your keys to leveling up like a ninja on a mission.

Smack the logs around, and you’re in for XP, a max of 500 XP per attack to be precise. However, when you are starting the game, make these logs your new friends.

Hit them whenever you can, and watch your XP grow. Trust me; it’s a game-changer. When you hit level 100, you need to unleash some long-range attacks, because you can hit not one but two logs at a time.

But if you’re not seeing that sweet 500 XP per hit, then you can release stronger attacks. These logs love a good challenge, and they reward you handsomely for it.

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Green Scroll Missions

Make sure you stick to the logs until you hit level 20. If it gets boring, go after the NPCs in each village with a Green Scroll icon.

That triggers a mission outside the towns, usually facing two or three NPCs. You need to come prepared because these guys are around your character’s level, but it won’t be easy.

These NPCs are speedy and can take you down with just a few sword hits. In that situation, use your log points to boost your health and Ninjutsu. You’ll notice your attack’s effectiveness, and it should take you about two minutes to finish each Green Scroll mission.

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