Saitama Battlegrounds Wiki

Saitama Battlegrounds allows you to play a variety of different characters. As a result, you’ll be able to master a variety of combinations and classes. By knowing and memorizing combos and actions, you will be able to perform incredible assaults that are enjoyable.

Playing Saitama Battlegrounds is similar to playing a decent round of Guilty Gear or Street Fighter; you’re horrible at all three, so you wind up playing Tekken’s bowling minigame instead.

In this article, we will explain how to play Roblox Saitama Battleground and other topics such as characters, controls, combat mechanics, NPCs, and unique cosmetics.  Read this Saitama battlegrounds wiki and begin your hero’s journey today!

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The Basics

Here’s a brief rundown of your abilities as the Bald Hero:

  • Regular Punch An attack that pushes your opponent to the back of the queue.
  • Consecutive Punches: A wave of punches delivered while standing next to someone.
  • Regular Shove: Pushes your attacker aside and stuns them.
  • Normal Uppercut: Sends your opponent flying backwards.

Saitama Battlegrounds: Beginners Tips

  • Begin your combination with three simple M1s.
  • Next, throw consecutive punches.
  • Use an uppercut.
  • After landing, rush forward with Q.
  • Finish the combo with a standard punch.
  • The red bar beneath you represents your maximum ability. It varies with each character you use. For example, Sonic has sound speed, whereas you have Rage Mode. This lets you move behind an enemy and punch their lights out in one hit.
  • Normal Punch: When throwing a punch, damage and knockback is calculated based on distance (20%~29% damage). Normal punchier
  • Consecutive Normal punches: Does a barrage of blows (15% damage) Borrage
  • Normal Shove: Does a shove with excellent knockback and is used as a combo extender (9% damage). Shove
  • Normal Uppercut: Does an uppercut with great knockback and is utilized as a combo extender (16% damage). Hadouken
  • Serious Mode: Saitama cracks his knuckles, adjusts his loadout, and learns two new skills. Serious Death CounterThe counter stance lasts 10 seconds. It allows conventional strikes and counter-one shots that cause a tremendous shockwave to damage anybody in front of the target.
  • Table: Takes the earth and drags it towards the sky, almost one-shotting everyone; if table flip is used near someone, the individual is slowed until table flip is completed and is most likely blockable.

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Saitama battlegrounds Control

You can read our guide for beginners. Come peek at the Roblox Saitama Battleground controls:

  • W + W – Sprint
  • M1 – Punch/Use Skill
  • W + Q – Lunge Punch
  • S + Q – Backwards Roll
  • A + Q – Dash Left
  • D + Q – Dash Right
  • Q (While Ragdolled) – Ragdoll Cancel.
  • Use G to activate Mode
  • Space + M1 for uppercut
  • Final M1 (Midair) for downslam.

Combat Mechanic

Specific activities will cause your final M1 to vary, resulting in unique combinations:

  • Uppercut: Holding Space during your M1 combo causes your final M1 to send the opponent flying through the air. Specific skills can strike the opponent when they are airborne.
  • Downslam: Using your final M1 midair will cause it to be adjusted, slamming the opponent to the floor. Specific skills can strike the opponent while they are grounded. Goes through the block.
  • Ragdoll Cancel: Side dashing or back dashing while your character is ragdolled or knocked down will cancel the ragdoll, allowing you to stand up quickly. Knockdown canceling requires a separate cooldown from dashing.
  • The Mode Bar: When dealing or receiving, your Mode Bar fills up. This bar saves through death. Entering your Mode modifies your move set. Using a skill will end your Mode, regardless of whether you successfully execute the action.

Roblox Saitama Battleground Characters Guide  And Skills

1. Bald Hero: Base Saitama

  • Normal Punch: After a brief windup, throw a long-range punch that ragdolls and delivers a knockback. The initial punch is unblockable; however, the shockwave is blockable and hits the ground.
  • Consecutive Normal Punches: Throw a flurry of punches against your opponent. Does not reset the M1 combo.
  • Normal Shove: Shove your opponent with your right hand, causing them to roll backwards. This skill goes through the block.
  • Normal Uppercut: Uppercut your opponent, forcing them to fly upward before rolling backwards. This skill passes through the block and hits the ground.
  • Death Counter:When attacked, initiate a cutscene and teleport behind their back, demonstrating genuine terror. Kills any adversary immediately. You can move and use M1 while the counter is active. Opponents cannot perceive the counter-effects emanating from your character.
  • Table Flip: Push away any adversaries and severely slow them. At the same time, you raise your right arm and flip the ground in front of you, destroying everything in your path.

2. Hero Hunter : Base Garou

  • Flowing Water: Dash ahead and assault your opponent, followed by a hard strike that causes knockback. Goes through the block.
  • Lethal Whirlwind Stream: Grab your opponent and drag them across the ground, then slam into the ground.
  • Hunter’s Grasp: Stomp and grasp your opponent before throwing them backwards, forcing them to roll back. Throwing an opponent at someone provides damage, bypasses block, and causes them to tumble backwards. He hits rag-dolled players and passes through the blocks.
  • Prey’s Danger: Take a posture; if you are assaulted, dash towards the attacker and barrage them in the chest before tossing them away.
  • Rage Mode: Wipe the blood from your mouth before launching a powerful slam that deals damage and sends players flying aloft.

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Final Words

Saitama Battleground is the one most entertaining game on Roblox, and this post has given a guide about what you need to know about the game. These are the tips you can utilize when fighting in Saitama’s Battlegrounds.

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