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The Logia Effect, associated with the rarest form of Devil Fruits, is one of the game’s most notable features. Consuming a Logia fruit grants the capacity to transform one’s body into a certain natural element at will and create and manipulate that element.

To hit a Logia user, adversaries must use Buso Haki, although some fruit-based attacks can also affect them. However, the Logia Effect only applies when a player is at least five levels higher than the Non-Player Characters (NPCs) and is ineffective against boss-level NPCs.

It is vital to know that swallowing any Devil Fruit results in losing swimming ability. If a player with Devil Fruit powers is submerged in water, they will experience harm.

Haze Piece is an experience created for the Roblox platform! Suppose you want to understand more about the game. In that case, we’ve included a link to the Trello board and the additional pages to assist you!

Haze Piece Trello includes information on devil fruits, weapons, skill trainers, NPCs, super bosses, races, accessories, items, ships, game passes, fishing, and more!

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About The Game

In Roblox Haze Piece, players can use several rare fruits, each with their cooldown, to obtain unique abilities. The cooldown periods for the various skills these fruits activate span between six and ten seconds, except for flying talents, which are immune to these cooldowns. These fruits can be found under any tree on the game map, even on islands where bosses are placed.

On public servers, these fruits spawn every 60 minutes and stay on the map for another 20 minutes before despawning. VIP servers have the same spawn and despawn times, but the fruit spawns are limited to five until the server is restarted.

This game is the climax of “Project New World,” enhanced and upgraded to provide gamers with an even more thrilling experience.

For fans of the One Piece universe, the D. Clan is an intriguing addition. Being a member of this clan gives you the exceptional power of Conqueror’s Haki, a rare and powerful ability in the One Piece universe.

With 25 different Devil Fruits accessible in the game, each with unique powers, you’ll have many possibilities for customizing your character and defining your own playstyle.

Whether you want to control fire, manage the elements, or achieve superhuman strength, these fruits are the key to your character’s evolution.

However, Haze Piece is about more than just acquiring powers. It’s a big and fascinating world full of missions, adventures, and the company of other people.

Explore this fantastic region, fight epic battles, and discover secret treasures as you embark on your One Piece-inspired adventure.

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The haze piece trello link

Most Roblox games, including Haze Piece, use Trello as a community wiki to provide an in-depth reference to their game. It was built by the game’s developers and is intended to assist players in understanding the game’s principles, covering all areas in greater detail than a standard Wiki.

Trello boards are organized into columns, each dedicated to a distinct topic. You can then scroll through the columns to find the information you require on that topic, then click on the associated square to display all the data inside it. You can also browse the Trello board using the bottom navigation bar, showing any additional columns that do not fit on the page.

Haze piece trello is available to all players, thanks to the developers. Devs publish instructions, tips, tier lists, and other information on their official Discord channel, linked below

Haze Piece Trello Link: https://trello.com/b/nn8bpTB0/haze-piece-official-trello

Haze Piece discord link: https://discord.com/invite/hazepiece

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Once you’ve opened the link to the Trello board, you’ll find information on various themes, including Devil Fruits, Skill Trainers, a leveling guide, and more.

Final Words

All players have access to the Haze Piece Trello, which contains useful tutorials, recommendations for improvement, character and item tier lists, and much more.

The Haze Piece Trello is accessible via a direct link. Clicking the link above will take you to the Trello page, which contains a wealth of information about how the game works.

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