How To Get Saber In Blox Fruits ?

This post provides steps you can approach to obtain Saber In Blox Fruits. A Saber is no ordinary sword, it’s legendary.

It’s been through a lot, and It was once used by an expert. This sword has seen its part in action and carries the weight of many stories. But then, It’s not story time, It’s about getting your hands on this powerful sword.

Let’s dive In.

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How To Get Saber In Blox Fruits?

To get this sword, you’ve got to beat the Saber Expert, and you can only face him if you solve the Saber Expert Puzzle. Facing the Saber Expert who is a Level 200 Boss, involves completing a puzzle to open the room where the battle takes place.

While you need to be Level 200 to open his room and fight him, you don’t have to reach that level to work on most of the puzzle and obtain the essential Relic required to unlock the door.

However, Relic won’t stay in your inventory if you happen to meet your demise, but it can be easily re-obtained. With that said, here are the steps you can get Saber In the game:

Step 1: Jungle Green Buttons Adventure

Firstly, head to the Jungle where you will find five green buttons waiting to be activated. This is a treasure hunt but with buttons, and where you can find them.

  • Button 1: It’s hiding behind a bush near some old ruins.
  • Button 2: Look for a tree to the northeast, facing Middle Town.
  • Button 3: Stone building, next to your friendly Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin.
  • Button 4: Island of Gorillas, find the button next to a gorilla facing away from the Gorilla King.
  • Button 5: Another island with gorillas, this time on the stone beach near a temporary dock.

Once you’ve pressed all the buttons, go to the NPC house in the middle of the island above the lake. Walk down the stairs, and a secret passage will open. Get a torch, follow the poem, and make your way to the Desert Island.

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Step 2: Desert Drama

  • In the Desert, seek out a collapsed house with a red door.
  • It’s the one from the poem.
  • Burn down the curtain with your torch to reveal a secret room.
  • Inside, you’ll find another poem and a cup.
  • The poem talks about power and filling the cup with a leak.
  • Equip the cup and head to Frozen Village.

Frozen Village Fountain Fun

  • Enter the cave where you find the Ability Teacher.
  • Look for an ice stalactite dripping water.
  • Hold your cup under, just one drop, mind you.
  • Now, exit the cave, and go to the top side of the village to talk to the Sick Man in the house near the Sword Dealer of the East.

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Step 3: Pirate Village Pursuit

  • Go to Pirate Village, you will find the Rich Man and give him your ears.
  • He’ll ask you to deal with a mob leader at Jean Luc Island.
  • Once you’ve taken down the bad guy, return to the Rich Man for your reward, an Ancient Relic.

Saber Expert Saga

  • Return to the Jungle and find the stone building with Blox Fruits Gacha.
  • Prepare the Ancient Relic and plug it into the relic-shaped hole beside the stairs.
  • A door will swing open which will reveal Saber Expert, a level 200 boss.
  • You need to come strong for the battle.
  • While standing behind a wall to dodge attacks, use ranged attacks, and take down Shanks.
  • And your reward is the Legendary Sabe.
  • Plus, if you’re level 300 or higher, you can buy Instinct from the Instinct Teacher for 750,000 MoneyIcons.
  • Do not forget, you’ve got to be at least level 200 to face Saber Expert.

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