How To Use Purified Gem In Pokemon GO

During Shadow Raid Battles, players can use Purified Gems to weaken and control furious Shadow Pokémon Raid Bosses. They are made from four Shadow Shards, which are either acquired as rewards from Shadow Raid Battles or by defeating members of Team GO Rocket.

Pokemon GO offers many collection items, each with a particular purpose and can benefit trainers differently. Everything you need to know about Pokemon GO’s Shadow Shards and Purified Gems will be covered in this article.

To assist you in winning Shadow Pokémon raids, you will need to gather these. To put it briefly, you can obtain Purified Gems, used to counter Shadow Pokémon in charge when they attain an “enraged” status, by using the Shadow Shards that drop from Go Rocket encounters.

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Pokemon GO: How To Get Shadow Shards

To obtain Shadow Shards in Pokémon Go, convert them into Purified Gems, and utilize them in Shadow Raids, follow the steps outlined in this post.

  • Shadow-Shard in Pokemon Go
  • Players who defeat Team Go Rocket will receive Shadow Shards; it doesn’t matter who wins as long as they are teammates. Here are some examples of how many Shadow Shards players will get for each of the various bouts to help you get a better idea:
  • GO Rocket Grunts: each encounter will provide 1 Shadow Shard.
  • Leaders: each encounter will provide two Shadow Shards.
  • Giovanni: each encounter will provide four Shadow Shards.
  • Each encounter in a Shadow Raid can yield up to five Shadow Shards.
  • After every battle concludes, players will be able to check their total number of Shadow Shards from the aforementioned list. Here are some of the top Shadow Pokemon to use in raids.

How To Get Pokemon GO’s Purified Gems

  • To obtain a Purified Gem in Pokemon GO, players will need to spend four Shadow Shards in total. But in order to employ the four Shadow Shards to create the Purified Gem, a Shard Refiner will be needed.

How To Use Purified Gems In Pokemon Go

  • Players can only have ten Purified Gems in their possession at once. However, after they obtain their first gem, they can utilize it in Shadow Raid Battles, but only in situations where the Raid Boss is furious.
  • It will then pacify the Shadow Raid Boss, making them much simpler to destroy, after employing a Purified Gem.
  • It’s also important to remember that if additional Trainers in the Shadow Raid Battle employ Purified Gems, this effect will stack. Recall that in a Shadow Raid Battle, a Trainer may only use a maximum of 5 Purified Gems.

Final Words

When the raid boss is furious during a shadow raid battle, you can use the Purified Gem that you have made. The Shadow Raid Boss can be subdued with Purified Gems, which neutralizes their angry state and facilitates defeat.

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