How To Get Koko Fast In Blox Fruits?

Are you on the hunt for the Koko In Blox Fruits? In this guide, you will learn how you can obtain Koko quickly In the game. Plus, how you can use It. Koko is a great word, kind of like a legendary one. It’s this big katana with a handle made of white fur.

A surgeon used to carry it around, and it can do a lot of damage. It’s really good if you combine different types (they call them hybrids), especially if you’re good at controlling things.

It’s also great for combos, and the basic attacks are super fast. It can hit more than one thing at a time with its moves. How do you get this legendary sword?

Let’s find out.

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How To Get Koko Fast In Blox Fruits?

1. Defeat The Order Raid Boss

To obtain the legendary Koko sword, you’ve got to take down the Order Raid Boss. This formidable boss is hanging out during the Order/Law raid, sitting pretty at level 1250.

Don’t get too eager, though; this boss comes armed with the Control Fruit and, of course, the Koko for some heavy combat action.

2. Team Up And Level Up

Before you go toe-to-toe with the order raid boss, make sure you’ve got a squad of powerful teammates. If your character level can’t match the boss, maybe take a check. You don’t want to be the underdog in this showdown.

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3. Get Raid Ready

Head over to Hot and Cold Island, where the action is about to go down. Swing by the Arithmetic NPC and drop 1,000 Fragments on a Microchip.

4. Initiate The Raid

Find the laboratory in the castle, and hit the Microchip into action

5. Boss Battle Tactics

Watch out, this boss is energetic and loves teleporting around, making your life interesting. So bring out the stunts like Ice and Dark V2. And for the extra boost, the Echo Knife is great.

6. The Loot

After a victorious attack, you’ve got a shot at Koko. Though It’s a 10% chance, so fingers crossed. Maybe you’re lucky on the first go, but if not, keep coming back for more rounds until you get the Koko sword.

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How You Can Use Koko In Blox Fruits?

Koko has two main attacks:

  • Electric Stab at 150 Mastery
  • Injection Shot at 325 Mastery

Electric Stab turns you into a lightning bolt that makes you insanely fast while leaving a damaging trail behind, similar to Zenitsu’s style in Demon Slayer.

On the other hand, Injection Shot is a ranged attack. It requires a bit of charging and aiming. However, adapting to Koko’s unique attacks may take some time.

But once you get the hang of it, you’ll be using It like a pro. To level up your game, combine Koko’s attacks with Electric Claw and Godhuman for a formidable combo.

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