How To Equip Titles In Blox Fruits

In Blox Fruits, there’s a treasure trove of 188 titles awaiting discovery, comprising 176 obtainable titles and 12 elusive ones.

These titles serve as a badge of honor, proudly adorning the player’s name in chat, and can only be secured within the treacherous realms of the Second Sea and Third Sea.

Equipping these titles not only adds flair to your persona but also showcases your achievements to fellow players. However, the question often arises: how does one equip these titles? Fear not, as this guide aims to enlighten you on the art of equipping titles in Blox Fruits.

In this guide, we’ve provided you with a comprehensive guide to demonstrate the path toward equipping your character with these prestigious titles, allowing you to proudly display your prowess in the bustling realm of Blox Fruits. Without further ado, let’s get started!

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How To Equip Titles In Blox Fruits

Within Blox Fruits, players have the power to exchange titles. To equip a title in Blox Fruits and showcase your hard-earned achievements, players can navigate to specific locations within the Second and Third Seas.

The process involves locating the Titles Specialist, who facilitates the equipping and changing of titles. Venturing to the Second Sea, beneath The Café, players can access the title-equipping feature by interacting with a chest situated on the left side of the shelves.

Claiming this chest reveals a hidden entrance below. Delve into this underground passage to encounter the esteemed Titles Specialist, Axiore.

Meanwhile, in the Third Sea’s mansion, upon entering, take a right to find the trading tables. Proceeding deeper into the mansion, you will discover the Titles Specialist on the right, ready to aid in managing and switching titles.

However, acquiring a title isn’t solely based on meeting requirements in the First Sea. Blox Fruits recognizes your accomplishments only after visiting both the Second and Third Seas. Once achieved, notifications for earned titles will follow, regardless of the player’s location.

Upon receiving titles, your character won’t automatically be equipped, you’ll need to engage the Titles Specialist in either the Second or Third Seas to equip or switch titles.

Interact with the specialist; this interaction allows your character to proudly display acquired titles while interacting with other players in the game.

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How To Change Tittles In Blox Fruits

Changing titles in Blox Fruits follows a similar process to equipping titles. To change your title, engage with the Titles Specialist to swap out titles, provided you’ve earned the desired ones. Remember, you can’t change to a title you haven’t acquired.

However, locating the Titles Specialist might pose a challenge, as they’re not stationed as prominently as quest-giver NPCs.

To locate the Titles Specialist in the Second Sea, explore beneath The Café by investigating a hole near a treasure chest. Follow the path to discover the Titles Specialist at the end.

For the Third Sea, journey through the Mansion, passing the trading tables to find the Titles Specialist in the subsequent room.

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It’s worth noting that; Titles persist with your character unless you undergo a complete reset. This allows players the freedom to proudly exhibit their well-earned titles or modify them according to their preferences.

As this guide concludes its exploration into the intricacies of title equipping and changing, we believe that players can equip their character with these titles, adding depth and significance to their in-game persona. So, venture forth into the world of Blox Fruit and amass a collection of accomplishments.

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