How To Get Tushita In Blox Fruits

For avid players seeking to wield the formidable Tushita sword in the immersive world of Blox Fruits, this guide unveils the intricate steps to make this legendary weapon your own.

Blox Fruits is a standout game on Roblox that offers players the chance to ascend to the title of the most powerful pirate, with the coveted Tushita sword being a key to achieving that goal.

Renowned for its impressive attack speed, the Tushita sword becomes a strategic asset in PVP battles and encounters with raid bosses.

Beyond its combat prowess, obtaining this legendary weapon bestows upon you the distinguished title of Celestial Swordsman.

To embark on this exciting journey, follow this detailed guide as it serves as your compass through the intricate process of acquiring the Tushita sword.

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How To Get Tushita In Blox Fruits

To begin, ensure you’ve achieved a minimum level of 2000. Once you’ve reached this required level, follow the steps below:

Step 1 – Obtaining God’s Chalice:

  • Visit the Castle on the Sea in the Third Sea.
  • Speak with the Elite Hunter, who will assign you a quest to defeat an Elite Pirate.
  • The Elite Pirate has a 2% chance of dropping God’s Chalice.
  • Alternatively, search for God’s Chalice in chests, though the chances are slightly lower.

Step 2 – Summoning Rip_Indra:

  • Acquire three legendary haki colors.
  • Head to the Castle of the Sea.
  • Input three legendary enhancement colors: Snow White, Pure Red, and Winter Sky.
  • Place God’s Chalice on the pedestal to summon Rip_Indra; do not engage him yet.

Step 3 – Journey to Hydra Island:

  • Head to Hydra Island in the Third Sea while Rip_Indra is still active.
  • Locate the Secret Temple holding Tushita behind the main waterfall.
  • Find the hidden door below the waterfall and break it with Fruit Bombs and Spike Fruits.
  • Defeat ghosts in the Enma room.
  • Use Air Jump to reach the secret door after defeating the ghosts.
  • Pass through the portal to reach Floating Turtle.

Step 4 – Completing the Torch Puzzle:

  • Ensure Rip_Indra is alive for the portal to glow green.
  • Enter the secret door, initiating the Tushita Torch Puzzle.
  • Light five torches within five minutes following the numerical order:
    • Torch 1: Follow the stone path, turn right at the fork, and climb a tree near the gate entrance.
    • Torch 2: Underneath an arch on the path to Torch 1.
    • Torch 3: Turn left at the brown path, and climb the second big tree with orange pods.
    • Torch 4: Reach a ledge from Torch 3, and climb up to the fourth torch on a wrecked ship.
    • Torch 5: Find a small house with a red roof next to a knocked-over building.

Step 5 – Confront Longma:

  • Once all torches are lit, a room will open.
  • Face Longma, a level 2000 boss wielding Tushita.
  • Dodge his attacks and maintain distance.
  • Longma has limited HP, making the battle challenging but manageable.
  • Upon defeating Longma, claim Tushita and earn the title of Celestial Swordsman.

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Tushita’s Unique Abilities

Acquiring the Tushita in Blox Fruits not only grants you a formidable sword but also unlocks two powerful abilities: Heavenly Lunges and Celestial Ravager.

1. Heavenly Lunges

Activated with the “Z” key, “Heavenly Lunges” boasts a Mastery Level requirement of 150. When triggered, this ability allows you to repeatedly stab in front of your enemy, creating large red circles that stun them. The maximum duration for executing a “Heavenly Lunge” is 1.5 seconds.

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2. Celestial Ravager

To unleash the devastating “Celestial Ravager,” achieve a Mastery Level of 300 and press the “X” key. This ability inflicts high physical damage on your enemy by rapidly shooting red slashes at them.

That’s all—However,  it is worth noting that the journey to obtaining the Tushita sword requires considerable time, effort, and the right guidance. So, if you aspire to have this sword in your arsenal, read and understand this article before you embark on the quest.

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