Nuke Simulator Codes

Hey! Welcome to my Nuke Simulator codes guide. In this article, you will see a lot of newly released Nuke Simulator codes and the steps to redeem them.

These codes will grant your character a lot of freebies to help you build up your game. You can also level up your game faster than you can before after redeeming these codes. The codes will reward you with items like chests, gems, cash, and many more.

In Nuke Simulator, having a great arsenal is very important to winning a battle. So, you will need a lot of coins and gems to build that powerful arsenal to counter the enemy’s strike.

When you continue playing the game, there are many unlockable you will achieve and new areas. There are new items and bosses you will face as you unlock new places by leveling up.

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So, to make the game easier, the codes will be your best reward in this instant.

Working Nuke Simulator Codes

These codes have been tested and confirmed to be working as of May this year. You can go ahead to redeem them to get some freebies and simplify your gameplay.

  • WHENUPDATE – free boosts and rewards
  • HARDCOREBUG – free rewards in hardcore mode
  • MAGMIFACENT – 200 mega nuke tickets
  • OLYMPIANCHESTBUG – free boosts
  • ATLASEARTH – free boosts
  • QUANTUMTICKETS – free tickets
  • BIGTICKETZ – 10 mega tickets
  • BIGTICKETZZ – 15 mega tickets
  • MASSIVEGIFT – rewards
  • MEGANUKE – rewards
  • ThanksAzure! – 2 mega silo tickets
  • Only1ThisTime – one daily spin
  • ThanksSky – free spins
  • luckyboi – Chungus nuke
  • MOREBOOSTS2 – free boosts
  • ILikeGems – 500k gems
  • CYBERCOINZZ2 – five million cyber coins
  • TIKTOKHYPE – TikTok Nuke
  • CYBERCOINZ2 – 100k coins

Roblox codes are case-sensitive

Note that these codes are case-sensitive and will fail to redeem if you mistype any of the letters. So, it is better to copy and paste the code than to type them in. Secondly, when there is a typo in the code you inserted, you will not be able to redeem the code.

So, observe the code you typed in to ensure it is what we have up there and redeem it. lastly, Nuke Simulator codes are limited in time and will expire when they reach their limit. Copy and redeem them knowing they are still valid for better rewards.

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How To Redeem Codes in Nuke Simulator

These steps here should assist you when redeeming Nuke Simulator codes:

  • Launch your Nuke Simulator game
  • Tap on the Shop button seen on the right of the screen. It is a basket.
  • Tap on the Twitter icon to open.
  • Copy and paste the code into this space to redeem.
  • Hit the Enter after the code has been entered. This will redeem your code and give you some freebies.

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Where do I get more codes for Nuke Simulator?

More codes can be obtained when you follow Big BOOM Games on Twitter. That is the developer’s handle and new codes are shared here often. Secondly, you can join their official Discord server to get the latest information about Nuke Simulator.

The Developers can also share new codes through their YouTube channel, Facebook, Reddit, and Instagram. So, ensure to follow them on all their social media handles for new codes release.

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