Dragon Ball Rage Codes

This game aims to show off your combat skills by defeating your friends, opponents, and competitors. The dragon ball rage codes can grant you access to some of the most exciting and exclusive content in the Dragon Ball universe.

The Dragon Ball Rage codes collection is designed to aid those who might use some more zenkai or a temporary boost to experience.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the basics of Dragon Ball rage codes and discover how you can use them to unlock exclusive content.

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Working Dragon Ball Rage Codes

  • Metalizer150K—Redeem for a Free Dragon Ball (New)
  • FR33B4LL—Redeem for a Dragon Ball (New)
  • 750MIL!!—Redeem for 15 minutes of x3 XP
  • L0LN0C0D3S—Redeem for 5 minutes of x2 XP
  • Sub2Acausal—Redeem for for 30min of x2 XP
  • 800MIL??—Redeem for 45 minutes of x2 XP

About The Game

Compete against other players and build up your skills in Dragon Ball Rage to become the best duelist around! The first step is to do it against the bad guys or join a stronger squad with other players. When you feel up to it, go to the arena where players and NPCs may engage in mortal combat.

Participating in duels allows you to gain experience and level up, allowing you to increase your attack, defense, and agility.

In addition to increasing your character’s statistics, you may also get access to better gear. Strengthen your defenses with armor, new weapons, and support equipment, and tailor your abilities to your play style in battle.

You may also increase your Zenkai levels, a unique healing power only available to Saiyans that will allow you to stay longer in combat despite being low in health.

New Dragon Ball Rage Codes provide users access to various cheats and codes to unlock special powers and rewards in the game. These codes can be used to unlock rare characters, items, equipment, and other bonuses. Players can gain an advantage over their opponents and progress faster in the game by using these codes.

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How To Redeem Dragon Ball Rage Codes?

If you need assistance redeeming a coupon for Dragon Ball Rage, read the steps outlined below.

  • Dragon Ball Z: Open the Fury
  • To access the menu, tap the ‘MENU’ button in the upper left.
  • Select the ‘CODES’ option.
  • Paste or type the code
  • Select “REDEEM”

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Using code is a great way to enhance your gaming experience and give you an edge over opponents. With the right code, you can unlock powerful characters, unique items, and other bonuses to help you dominate the game.

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