Slap Battles Script

The script we will share here on Slap Battles Roblox will provide you with many cheats to streamline the gameplay. You will also have more skills and power to challenge tough opponents.

Some of the cheats you will experience with the script shared here is the Kill Aura skill. With this skill, you can automatically kill any foe that comes in its line with ease. You can use this method to wipe out an entire battalion of the foe, even a wave.

Another fantastic feature that comes with the Slap Battles script is the Anti-Ragdoll. This skill will prevent your character from being able to ragdoll when the enemy attacks them. You can use this skill to evade damage during battles.

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Slap Battles Script

Script 1

Script 2

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The script provided in this article is virus free and also tested. So, it’s an active Slap Battle script. Although, this script can stop working when there is a new update. When you experience the script is not working, do well to visit us. This site will often update the script with the latest one once they’re released.

How to Execute a Roblox Script?

⦁ You will need a Roblox script executor.
⦁ Launch the executor and also launch the Slap Battle script.
⦁ Copy the script there and paste it into the Roblox executor text area.
⦁ Click on Inject/Execute to pop up the GUI.
⦁ You can now activate the cheats and have smooth gameplay.

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