Roblox Mining Simulator Script

Mining Simulator is a Roblox game enjoyed by many players across the globe. In this article, we will share the Mining Simulator Script to enable you to play smoothly. The Mining Simulator script was programmed and released by Jxnt#9946. It has a neat GUI and many features that will make the game enjoyable.

About Roblox Mining Simulator

As stated earlier, Rumble Studios developed Mining Simulator and released it on the Roblox platform. In the game, you’re tasked to mine rock and minerals, which you sell to earn cash. You can use your earnings to upgrade tools, cosmetics, pets, and other game items.

At the beginning of the game, you will be given a pickaxe and a backpack. As you continue playing, you will level up and get to the second stage, where you will receive the greatest gear and cosmetics.

On the first stage, you will see a mining area with grass; on the second stage are dirt, while you will encounter stone on the third layer/stage.

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Mining Simulator Script


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How Does the Mining Simulator Hack Work?

  • You need to download a Roblox exploit/executor.
  • Launch the executor
  • Launch Mining Simulator
  • Copy the script into the text box area of the exploit.
  • Click on Inject/Execute to pop up the GUI.
  • Go ahead to activate all the cheats you like.


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