Roblox Dragon Ball Evolution Trello Guide

Dragon Ball Evolution Trello is a special center dedicated to all things about the game. It’s like a gaming wiki where players can learn about weapons, races, devil fruits, NPCs, bosses, and map locations. However, In this Trello guide, you will learn about the:

  • Dragon Ball Evolution grinding
  • Dragon Ball Evolution techniques

But before we dive Into the Dragon Ball Evolution Trello guide, allow me to share

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The Whole Story Of Dragon Ball Evolution

Two thousand years ago, there was this Namek King Piccolo guy causing chaos on Earth. Some wise occult managed to lock him up using a powerful thing called Mafuba.

And now, Piccolo’s out, and he’s teamed up with a ninja-like lady named Mai. They’re on a killing spree, hunting for these mysterious Dragon Balls.

Goku, an 18-year-old martial artist, on his birthday, his Grandpa Gohan gives him a Dragonball. But when he gets home, he finds Piccolo wrecking the place.

Before kicking the bucket, Gohan tells Goku to find Master Roshi, who’s got another Dragonball. Goku teams up with Bulma, who’s got this amazing Dragonball locator gadget.

They find Roshi, recruit him, and journey to gather Dragonballs. Along the way, they face Yamcha’s trap, survive an ambush by Mai, and attend a martial arts tournament where Goku’s crush, Chi-Chi, is competing.

The gang visits a temple, gets some training, and plans to reseal Piccolo using Mafuba. Things go wild during a battle as It turns out Goku’s tied to Piccolo as some Great Ape minion.

Roshi sacrifices himself, but Goku fights back, uses Dragonballs to revive Roshi, and defeats Piccolo with a powerful Kamehameha Wave.

However, Piccolo ain’t done yet. In a mid-credits scene, he’s alive, getting treated by some woman. Looks like the Dragonball hunt is back on.

Dragon Ball Evolution Grinding

1. Zeni

In Dragon Ball Evolution, gathering Zeni is essential for your adventure. This currency opens power and potential. Here’s a smart strategy for grinding Zeni.

For warriors at LVL 500-1k, the SSJ Devils make for profitable targets. They may not be the toughest foes, which makes them an ideal source for Zeni accumulation.

Engage them in battle and watch the Zeni flow as you triumph. However, if you’re a beginner or find yourself lacking the strength for devil hunting, there’s an ingenious alternative.

Use Instant Transmission to move yourself to “Kame House.” Once there, scout for a mountain marked by a conspicuous green “X.” Position yourself just below it, and you’ll come across a concealed chamber.

Venture to the room hidden behind the imposing statue and strike up a conversation with the NPC you encounter. This wise character won’t just enlighten you; he’ll reward you generously with a million Zeni and a bonus helping of valuable experience points.

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2. Mastery

When it comes to mastering your skills in Dragon Ball Evolution, the zone for grinding mastery is the “Stone Snakes,” located near Goku’s House. The key technique for this grind is the Galick Gun.

It’s effective, but not always available due to other players using the spot. For most transformations, Stone Snakes with Galick Gun is a great choice, however, not all transformations follow the same rules.

Take Ultra Instinct (UI), for example. Mastery in UI is achieved through dodging, not attacking. To tackle this, I recommend grinding with Zamasu.

While not the toughest character in the game, Zamasu provides a suitable challenge for sharpening your skills. If Zamasu isn’t accessible, an alternative approach is to face the formidable “Devil” NPCs.

Encounter multiple devils simultaneously, creating a more intense training environment. This method is particularly useful for leveling up your UI Mastery, as it aligns with the dodging mechanics required.

Dragon Ball Evolution Techniques

1. Kaioken

Unlocking the powerful Kaioken Techniques in Dragon Ball Evolution can be a game-changer. To get on this technique, seek out the NPC “Goku KKx20”, luckily, it’s a guaranteed drop at 100%.

However, you can’t release its full potential until you’ve mastered it to Level 6. The Kaioken Technique adds an exciting dynamic to your gameplay, with six different stages ranging from x2 to a staggering x40.

Each stage comes with its multiplying values, improving your abilities as you climb the Kaioken level. The higher you go, the more intense your Aura becomes, which signals the immense power at your disposal. Allow me to break down the multiplying values for each stage:

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  • Kaioken x2: Approximately 1.1x boost
  • Kaioken x3: About a 1.2x multiplier
  • Kaioken x4: A substantial 1.3x enhancement
  • Kaioken x10: A powerful 1.5x power-up
  • Kaioken x20: A formidable 1.6x multiplier
  • Kaioken x40: Provides an impressive 1.8x boost

2. UIT

The UIT Techniques can be incorporated into any form, offering a unique strategic advantage. Unlike its robust counterpart, UIT doesn’t announce its presence with a flashy display.

Activating or deactivating it is a hidden affair that makes it challenging for adversaries to determine its status. The technique introduces a 50% accuracy dodge mechanic, providing a defensive edge but with a hint of unpredictability.

However, this improved dodging capability comes at a cost, stamina. As the fighter confronts in battle, the UIT Techniques utilize stamina to execute dodges.

So, the balance lies in managing stamina effectively. When stamina reduces to a critical 20 points, the auto-dodging feature ceases, which emphasizes the importance of strategic stamina amid combat.

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3. Halo

Halo efficiently heals 0.5% of your HP in just over a second, an awesome trick that doesn’t compromise your defense, especially in its unmastered state.

However, to become a master of this technique, It’s a gradual process. Every passing second within the Halo earns you Mastery EXP. It’s connected to soaking in the energy of the technique itself, which is reminiscent of the way Kaioken operates.

The longer you linger within its radiance, the closer you get to mastering its art. Though the path to mastery remains a mystery, the effectiveness of the technique makes it stand out from the shadows of its mates.

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