Roblox Doors Script (Working)

Doors are one of the scariest horror games you will play on the Roblox platform. The game tasks players to visit rooms in a hotel with keys.

You have to survive while opening the doors because there are scary creatures that will pounce on you. To dodge these creatures, you can hide under the bed or get into a locker in the room you opened.

Some rooms require special keys or switches before they can be unlocked. Also, you will earn coins and other items when you open some drawers in the rooms.

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The scripts we are to share here will enable you to streamline the game and to have an infinite life and others.

Doors were developed and launched in 2021 by Lightning Splash. So far, it has enjoyed over 18,000 addicts across the globe with a whopping 16 million visits.

Doors Scripts

Script 1

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Script 2

How To Execute Script

  • Download a Roblox executor.
  • Launch the executor you downloaded
  • Launch Roblox Doors.
  • Copy the script above into the Executor
  • Click on Execute/Inject to pop the GUI.

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