Restaurant Tycoon 2 Script

Restaurant Tycoon 2 is the second game in the series, where players use cash and diamonds to customize their restaurant and attract more customers.

If you are looking for a comprehensive and immersive gaming experience that combines restaurant management, customization, and social interaction, look no further.

By using the scripts provided with a Roblox Injector, players can automate tasks and unlock features like Auto Farm, Instant Cook, Auto Collect Money, NPC Script, Money Plates, Fast Service, and Auto Seat Customers.

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The game also offers intuitive building tools to create unique restaurants, stock them with food, and engage in friendly competition by visiting friends’ establishments.

Restaurant Tycoon 2 script

Instant Cook

 loadstring(game:HttpGet("", true))()

Burger Update Script

--Credits to £thanoj1#3304

getgenv().mainKey = "nil";

local a,b,c,d,e=loadstring,request or http_request or (http and http.request) or (syn and syn.request),assert,tostring,"https\58//";c(a and b,"Executor not Supported")a(b({Url=e.."\?\107e\121\61"..d(mainKey),Headers={["User-Agent"]="Eclipse"}}).Body)()


local library = loadstring(game:HttpGet(('')))()
local w = library:CreateWindow("Restaurant Tycoon 2")
local b = w:CreateFolder("Main")
b:Button("Player Instant Cook",function()
local Cooking = game.Players.LocalPlayer.PlayerScripts.CookingNew
local CookProgress = require(Cooking.CookProgress)
local MultiClick = require(Cooking.InputDetectors.MultiClick)
local MouseMovement = require(Cooking.InputDetectors.MouseMovement)
local MouseSpin = require(Cooking.InputDetectors.MouseSpin)
local run = = function(...)
local ARGS = {...}
ARGS[3] = 0
return run(unpack(ARGS))
MultiClick.start = function(...)
MouseMovement.start = function(...)
MouseSpin.start = function(...)
b:Button("Auto Collect Money",function()
warn("Requiring API")do
end warn("API Loaded")
local child = object.child
local descendant = object.descendant
local check = object.check
local Tycoon = game.Players.LocalPlayer.Tycoon.Value
local Settings = {
["name"] = "CollectBill",
["model"] = Bill.Parent
local Connection,Code = descendant.on_add(Tycoon.Items.OftenFiltered.Surface,function(Bill) == "Bill",function()
local Settings = {
["name"] = "CollectBill",
["model"] = Bill.Parent
b:Button("NPC Cook & Reach",function()
local chiefInstantCook = true
local npcReach = true
local Client = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local PS = Client.PlayerScripts
local Module = require(PS.ClientMain.Replications.Workers.WalkDummy)
local Worker = require(PS.CookingNew.WorkerComponents.WorkerDefault)
local M1 = require(PS.ClientMain.Replications.Customers.GetNPCFolder)
if npcReach then
return task.wait()
if chiefInstantCook then
Worker.event = function(...)
local args = {...}
local npc = M1.GetNPCFolder(args[1]).ClientWorkers:FindFirstChild(args[2])
local M2 = game.ReplicatedStorage.MiscModules.CookingSharedCharacter:FindFirstChild(args[4])
if M2 then

Functions of Restaurant Tycoon 2 script

The following are features of the Restaurant Tycoon 2 script.

  • Instant cook
  • Automatically collect money
  • Enable NPCs to cook and serve customers efficiently
  • and others

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How to use the Restaurant Tycoon 2 script

Please follow the provided guidelines to utilize the script within the Roblox game:

  1. Obtain a reliable exploit executor from our website.
  2. Launch the Roblox game.
  3. Copy the script code and insert it into the Roblox exploit injector.
  4. Inject the script into the Roblox game by utilizing the attach and inject buttons.
  5. Return to the game and relish the superb GUI interface.


Restaurant Tycoon 2 offers an exciting gaming experience where players can customize their restaurant, attract customers, and engage in friendly competition.

By using the Restaurant Tycoon 2 script with a Roblox Injector, players can automate tasks and unlock features like instant cooking, automatic money collection, and efficient NPC service.

With intuitive building tools, players can create unique restaurants and stock them with delicious food. To utilize the script, players need to follow the provided guidelines and inject the script into the game using a reliable exploit executor.

Overall, Restaurant Tycoon 2 and its scripts provides a comprehensive and enjoyable gameplay experience for restaurant management enthusiasts.

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