Phantom Forces Script

Phantom Forces is one of those great games you always enjoy in Roblox if you like Call of Duty or battlefield games. The game will bring you into a war field where you will engage enemy forces in a powerful shootout.

It’s a first-person multiplayer online shooter game. There are many modes to play in the game, with classic rewards if you win the battle.

Even though the game has no storyline, its intense action is credible. You will play in one of the 4 different class roles, equip and enjoy the latest weapons or melee when in battle. In all ramifications, the game is very addicting and action paced.

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It also comes with a quality graphic design and good sound, making it a fantastic replica of war scenarios. Even as the game is so addicting, it will get tough to some extent, and you will probably need a cheat to soften the gameplay.

Phantom Forces Script

How to Execute Phantom Forces Script

You will need a Roblox exploit/executor that is free from viruses.

  • Launch the executor you just installed.
  • Launch Phantom Forces on Roblox.
  • Copy and paste the script into the executor text box.
  • Click on Inject/Execute to pop up the GUI.

Activate all the cheats you like.

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