One Shot Script

One Shot, developed by Tempest Media, is a Roblox game designed specifically for Anime fans. Set in an open-world map, players are bestowed with a random ability upon their initial spawn.

They must then embark on a journey to explore the city, combat adversaries, complete quests, and earn to boost their stats. Additionally, players have the opportunity to acquire Skillsets, which grant them potent superpowers for both battle and exploration.

The One Shot script is a versatile program that enables task automation and game modifications. Within this particular game, scripts are utilized to automate various gameplay mechanics.

To utilize these scripts, a Roblox Injector is necessary. By leveraging Roblox One Shot scripts, players can unlock features such as Auto Farm, Infinite Energy, Auto Play, and other available options.

The use of task automation significantly simplifies the resolution of any in-game challenges that may arise, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

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One shot script


Features of One shot script

With the one shot scripts provided, you can enjoy the following features:

  • Infinite Energy
  • Auto Breaking
  • Auto Play
  • Auto Train
  • Auto Farm
  • Much more

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How to execute One shot script

Follow these easy steps to use the One shot scripts.

  • Download a Roblox Script Executor.
  • Open the game on Roblox.
  • Start the Script Executor while you are in the game.
  • Copy-paste the working scripts to start using them.
  • Enjoy your game

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One Shot is an Anime game on Roblox where players explore an open-world map, fight enemies, and complete quests. The One Shot script is a program that automates tasks and enhances gameplay.

By using a Roblox Injector, players can access features like Auto Farm and Infinite Energy. To execute the script, download a virus-free Roblox Script Executor, open the game, start the Script Executor, and copy-paste the scripts.

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