Mr Stinky’s Detention Script

Roblox Obby games as fondly called on the Roblox platform are obstacle course games. In Obby games, you have to navigate through different obstacles to reach the finish line or attain the goal.

We have many Obby games on Roblox and Mr. Stinky’s Detention is one of them. It’s an adventure game that was developed and released by Decent Obbies.

In My Stinky’s Detention, you’re to escape different obstacles and the evil teacher Mr. Stinky that barricade you. This will come after you have been given detention when your character throws paper airplanes in the classroom. There are a lot of things to enjoy in the game such as the power-ups, the jumpscares that are horrific, and others.

Even though the game was recently developed and released, it has managed to secure over ten thousand active gamers and over 82 million visits.  So, if you’re the type looking at simplifying the gameplay, with the script shared here, it will be achievable.

Mr. Stinky’s Detention Script


There are many features to receive when you execute any of the scripts below such as power-ups, kill aura, auto farm, and many more.

How To Execute Mr. Stinky’s Detention Script?

  • You will need a Roblox executor that is virus-free.
  • Launch the executor and launch Mr. Stinky’s Detention on Roblox
  • Copy and paste the script into the executor.
  • With Inject/Execute button, pop the GUI and activate the cheats you like.


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