How To Get The Tokyo Alley Egg In Pet Sim X

After reading through this walkthrough on how to acquire the Tokyo Alley Egg in Pet Simulator X, you should now be able to do so.

When you have found all of the locations of the Tokyo Alley Eggs that are required, the Enormous Kawaii Dragon will become available to you. Eggs are required in order to unlock Giant Ninja Axolotl pets within the game.

It’s possible that you’re questioning whether or not this tutorial provides information concerning the most recent Hologram patch. Sure, we have taken into account the numerous newly added contents that have been included in the most recent update to this post.

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Where To Find Tokyo Alley Egg In Pet Simulator X

In order to find the Tokyo Alley Eggs, you will need to visit to each of the four alley entrances in Kawaii World and ravage them. The egg is concealed by somebody in one of the many alleys that are located throughout the setting.

If you want to find the egg, you should check every alley you go down very carefully to see if it is concealed there. You should be aware that these routes cannot be taken because there are three chests in the way.

It is necessary to have the ability to deal 20,000 Qt of damage, which, when added to the damage from the three chests, equals 60,000 Qt of total damage. After you have unlocked and destroyed all three chests, the Tokyo Alley Egg will become available for collection.

In addition to this, it is difficult to determine which of the alleys the egg is kept in, and you will need 800 million Cartoon Eggs in order to hatch it before you can use it. If only we had understood that it was imperative to begin stockpiling the cartoon eggs as soon as possible.

Although it was possible to locate the Tokyo Alley Egg in previous versions of the game, you were required to engage in a lot of combat and take a significant amount of damage to your Character, after which you’d see the egg.

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Regardless, it is essential that you do not log out of the game in order to acquire the Tokyo Alley Egg. Continue to grind away because the egg will be transferred to a different spot after each hour has passed.

Hence, logging out of the game while you’re grinding will just make finding the egg more challenging for you. You can also locate this alleyway by waiting until after you have opened the first treasure and for it to respawn before continuing your search for it.

Do well to note that the Tokyo Alley Egge is no longer easily accessible and finding it requires patience. If you open the chest that contains the Tokyo Alley Egg, you will find not one, but two new Enormous pets within.

Big Kawaii Dragon and Large Ninja Axolotl are the names of companion animals. These pets are exclusive to the Tokyo Alley Egg in Pet Simulator X and are in no other part of the game. You will never come across them.

Final Words

To get the Tokyo Alley Egg in Pet Simulator X, do well to leverage the aforementioned steps that have been provided in this post.

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