Basketball Stars 2 Script

The ability to play on a court that isn’t designed for basketball is one of the game’s most interesting aspects. The field seems to have a platform in the middle; have you seen it? You can gain an advantage over your opponent with the help of some fantastic power-ups. If you appreciate basketball and Nickelodeon cartoons, you won’t want to miss Nick: Basketball Stars 2.

The game of basketball is a popular way for many of your favorite characters to unwind with their pals. Basketball Stars 2 script Provide you with boundless energy, allowing you to run and jump continuously. If you’re not a particularly skilled shooter, make sure your shots always go in.

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About The Game

Online multiplayer is available in Basketball Stars 2, a 2D basketball game. Making more baskets than your opponent is the primary objective of the game. You can win the game by dribbling, jumping, and stealing the ball. You can play against a single foe or an entire squad, depending on the game mode you select.

Can you prevail over all-star squads and hoist the championship trophy? The only way to find out is to try it! In Roblox Basketball Stars 2, do you aspire to be the best player? That is exactly what you can do with a script.

The following are necessities for participation in the game: Make up a persona, Pick a side, Play a game. Once you enter a game, you’ll use the directional keys to direct your character’s actions. You can utilize these snippets of code to your advantage. Powers like invincibility, pinpoint accuracy, and even flight are all within their purview.

The Basketball Stars 2 Script

local settings = {
Enabled = true,
Accuracy = 100

local silentAim
silentAim = hookmetamethod(game, "__namecall", function(self, ...)
local args = {...}

if self.Name == "ServerEvent" and args[1] == "Accuracy" and settings.Enabled then
args[2] = settings.Accuracy/100

return silentAim(self, unpack(args))

How To Redeem The Basketball Stars 2 Script

In order to run a script in Roblox Basketball Stars 2, do the following:

  • Just copy the script provided here.
  • Bring in the big guns.
  • To run the script, click on Start.
  • Initiate Roblox Basketball Stars 2 play.

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Imagine having the ability to fly in a basketball game. Well, that’s one of the many amazing features of the Basketball Stars 2 script. It allows you to dunk the ball from any point on the field.

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