Banana Eats script

Banana Eats was created by RyCitrus, who was motivated to create a horror puzzle game by Piggy and Bear for the Roblox platform. The goal of the game is to avoid being seen by the banana by taking cover. The goal of the banana (as the name suggests) is to devour its human competitors.

In addition, there are riddles scattered over the maps that, when solved, shorten the duration of the game. However, the banana may lengthen the game by consuming human players. The lockers strewn across the playing field provide safe havens from Banana.

This article will explain how to use the Banana Eats Script, which was just released, to improve your chances of winning in the terrifying game Banana Eats Roblox. Read on to find out more!

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About The Game

Banana Eats tasks players with finding a way to stay alive while dodging attacks from the titular banana, who wants nothing more than to devour them all. To signify their lives, each participant will begin the game with three hearts. Be aware that as the banana approaches you, the beacon behind your back will brighten to warn you.

Players in Banana Eats Roblox have access to a wide array of tools, like torches and keys, that will help them survive and progress through the game. In addition, players have access to a wide variety of power-ups and goods that may assist them in making their getaway.

The banana eats script offers a wide variety of unique features, such as: Auto Collect Tokens, Auto Remove Peels, Crouch Speed, Banana Bite All, Teleports, Auto Valve Puzzle, Use All Codes, and many more.

The Banana Eat Script


loadstring(game:HttpGet("", true))()

How To Redeem The Banana Eats Script

Here are the instructions for using the Banana Eats hacks in the game itself:

  • Get the executable script or exploit for Banana Eats here.
  • Launch Banana Eats and have some fun.
  • Invoke the exploit or script executor you’ve created for Banana Eats.
  • To follow along with Banana Eats, just copy and paste the script supplied below.
  • To activate the cheats, choose the Execute/Inject option.

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In addition, players have access to a wide variety of power-ups and goods that may assist them in making their getaway. By using the Banana Eats script to redeem for free coins, skins, and other premium content, you can enhance your gaming experience.

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