Across The Obelisk Colored Runes Guide

Are you interested in “across the obelisk colored runes?” To learn everything you need to know about the Obelisk colored runes, read this context to the end, as I will guide you and explains how to complete every goal Across the Obelisk.

The Obelisk Colored Runes is a puzzle game in which players must match colored runes to advance through several stages. Finding the buried treasure at the end of the game, which is situated in an old temple full of obstacles and difficulties, is the objective. To succeed, you need to use strategy, logic, and rapid thinking.

It’s understandable why this game is so underappreciated because there is a tonne of replayability and hidden content to find. It’s kind of an adventure within an adventure.

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Among the awesome things, you will know in the game Across the Obelisk as you proceed are:

  • Available Heroes
  • Available Pet
  • Available Card
  • Events

So let’s discuss each category Across the Obelisk Colored Runes!

Across The Obelisk Colored Runes: Heroes Available

In the game, players must match colored runes in order to advance through numerous stages. The game’s puzzle gameplay is enhanced by a number of heroes that players can unlock and utilize to assist them as they explore the temple.

By completing a mission for each hero, which many of them finish in a brutal battle with the boss, the heroes are all unlocked. You won’t have much of a chance to defeat the boss or advance far enough on your first run or two.

There are presently eleven (11) heroes in the game, and each has its own special skills and advantages. In addition, these heroes can be bought with in-game money or unlocked by completing specific tasks. The heroes include:

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  1. Ottis
  2. Heiner
  3. Cornelius
  4. Thuls
  5. Malukah
  6. Grukli
  7. Wilbur
  8. Zek
  9. Sylvie
  10. Gusta
  11. Bree

Across The Obelisk Colored Runes: Pets Available

In addition to the heroes available, the Obelisk Colored Runes includes a number of unlockable pets that players can claim ownership of as they explore the game. The advantages of these pets range from raising the player’s score to including more moves on the game board.

There are presently more than 10 unique Pets in the game, and each one has a complicated storyline that must be finished in order to unlock it. In addition, each of these pets has a different boss that must be defeated before claiming ownership of them. These pets include:

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  1. Betty
  2. Flamy
  3. Slimy
  4. Lianty
  5. Stormy
  6. Sharpy
  7. Mozzy
  8. Oculy
  9. Orby
  10. Asmody
  11. Daley
  12. Stormy
  13. Champy
  14. Chompy
  15. Chumpy

Across The Obelisk Colored Runes: Cards Available

All of these are essentially unlocked through gameplay. Simply keep playing to unlock them, as these accomplishments ought to be natural. However, make sure your squad includes at least one member from the category you are trying to unlock.

If you have more of the desired type in your party, you can unlock them more quickly, but if you have a balanced team, these should all be finished before the other achievements. The available cards in the video game include:

  • Swordmaster: Unlock 30 warrior cards
  • Myrmidon: Unlock 60 warrior cards
  • Guardian: Unlock 90 warrior cards
  • Tracker: Unlock 30 scout cards
  • Pathfinder: Unlock 60 scout cards
  • Cutthroat: Unlock 90 scout cards
  • Theurgist: Unlock 30 mage cards
  • Conjurer: Unlock 60 mage cards
  • Wizard: Unlock 90 mage cards
  • Acolyte: Unlock 30 healer cards
  • Vicar: Unlock 60 healer cards
  • Bishop: Unlock 90 healer cards

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Across The Obelisk Colored Runes: Event

There are bunches of achievements to achieve as you explore the video game Obelisk Colored Runes. The events are listed below:

  • Become the new champion of the arena.
  • Repair the altar to its former glory.
  • Discover what cultists throw into the pit.
  • Save the baker’s son to gain their trust.
  • Accidentally burns the baker’s son to lose their trust.
  • Make a bet with the crocomafia and win.
  • Feed the harpies.
  • Fight for the crocomen after visiting their village.
  • Fight for the lizardmen after visiting their village.
  • Show who is the strongest on the battlefield.
  • Become the master craftsman’s apprentice.
  • Sit on the mysterious throne.
  • Survive the bunny event.
  • Deliver the Rime of the Ancient Mariner.
  • Find the Happy Owl founder’s runes.
  • Give the two beggars enough money to take the ship.
  • Have a big feast at the Happy Owl.
  • Find the ultimate treasure.
  • Find a new member for the Tsnemo crew.
  • Read what happened in the void.
  • Kill the boss: Ylmer.
  • Kill the boss: Ignidoh.
  • Kill the boss: Faeborg.
  • Kill the boss: Scorn.
  • Kill the boss: Lord Hanshek.
  • Kill the boss: Archon Nihr.
  • Kill the boss: Elder Dryad.
  • Kill the boss: Yogger.
  • Kill the boss: Belphyor.
  • Kill the boss: Astarios.
  • Kill the boss: Erekhal.
  • Kill the boss: Matriarch.
  • Kill the boss: Minotaur.
  • Kill the boss: Tulah.
  • Kill the boss: Rhodogor.
  • Kill the boss: Graendor.
  • Kill the boss: Fred.
  • Kill the boss: Ursur.

In Conclusion

The Obelisk Colored Runes is a stimulating and difficult game that provides a distinctive and engaging experience. It’s a fantastic option for fans of video games due to its blend of strategy, logic, and rapid thinking.

It is certain to keep you entertained for a long time because of its excellent graphics, sound effects, and plot. Above is all the information we have for you in this article, Across the Obelisk Colored Runes.

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